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Has your greatest fear ever come true?

Asked by Simone_De_Beauvoir (38980points) August 12th, 2009

Many of us have answered fluther questions about our greatest fears and what they are…I want to know if your greatest fear ever came true, happened, took place…obviously you now have a new greatest fear or do you? Also if death is your greatest fear and you’re answering this from the beyond, was it worth the fear?

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Most of my greatest fears end with death, so no.

….not yet anyways.

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I wouldn’t say it’s the greatest, but it’s definitely up there.
(sad violin music)
I always knew my cat was going to die some day, but that day came too quick.

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My greatest fears were dying and losing my mind. At least one of those hasn’t come true. I think…

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My greatest fear was being pants’d at school. My freshman year of high school my friend pulled not only my pants but also my underwear down while I was standing in the main hallway. A teacher even laughed at me. I cried for the rest of the day.

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I would say 5 or 6 of my greatest fears have happened. My mom dieing. My dad dieing. My daughter moving far away. Having to testify in court about my parenting. Getting the worlds worst person as a boss.
It’s enough to make you wonder what planet you’re on.

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Both my son and I are still living, so no.

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I don’t even know what my greatest fear is.

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I think the greatest fears are always psychological ones and I think I experienced mine. I suppose if something truly horrific happened though the greatest fear might be replaced with another one- like being skinned alive, boiled in hot oil or drawn and quartered. You see it’s all relative. I guess I had a great day since none of that happened.

I would have complimented you on that lovely beauty mark.

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Each time I think that a greatest fear is about to be realized, something happens. The event, source, or reason for my fear materializes, then I discover the obvious. That the fear was irrational, I worried for nothing, and fear is really only in your mind. When I become perfect, I will have learned this and live an idyllic existence. Until that time I will have to continue to learn to conquer those fears with courage to face them. It is not an easy task. I will battle to the very end and enjoy the struggle in facing my fears.

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What we resist persists.

“I say unto you that you resist not evil” (Matthew 5:39)

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There are only 2 consistent fears I have.
1) Having my house broken into, everything stolen.
2) Being late to anything (appointment, class, hangout, event).

I luckily haven’t had the former occur yet. And the latter hasn’t happened many times.

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Some of my worst fears have already happened, and I have lived through them. I may be rough around the edges from the wear, but I think having those things happening early on have made me not as fearful now. I trust, perhaps foolishly, that nothing truly evil will happen to me, because just the bad stuff is really hard to take.

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No, and as long as I die before my wife, I never will. Oh, and as long as bees don’t chase and sting me to death, and I don’t die in a small enclosed space, after days and days…

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@SeventhSense that is extremely creepy considering I actually have a beauty mark cough down there…

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Yes I know…

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Just Kidding…:)

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Yes it has, Ive grown up.

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shivers with the hee bee jeebies lol

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Yes, but I divorced her twenty-three years ago.

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When I was a about 5 or 6 years old I vividly remember being in grandma’s house watching The Monkees on Nickelodeon. Grandma was cooking dinner. She went out to her garden to get some tomatoes and left something cooking on the stove. It caught fire and ignited the cabinets above it somehow. I saw smoke and remembered what I learned in school to crawl on the floor under the smoke out the door. I found grandma and she went inside and extinguished it. Ever since then I have had a fear of burning up in a fire. It hasn’t happened but since then I will not live in a second story or higher without an aluminum escape ladder or fire escape.

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@buster and I hope it never happens, ever

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Yes, Bush was elected to a second term.

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Two years before my parents died when I was probably 12 or 13, I laid in bed with this very strong and dreadful feeling, what if they were gone.

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No, and if it did, you’d never see me on fluther agian, as I ‘d be too heartbroken to ever think of using a computer again.

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I had the same foreboding once. I was at a meeting and I was staring at a friend through the whole meeting. I wasn’t able to talk to him but whenever I looked at him I was increasingly overcome with this strange sense of the light in the room getting brighter and brighter. By the end of the meeting I felt like I was almost blind. At that point he came over to ask me if “I had heard.”(I hadn’t) A friend had killed himself and suddenly it was like the light passed right through me and I felt weak. I’ll never forget that.

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My first husband and my little brother both killed themselves.
That was my greatest fear.
My son is bi-polar. I have had times when I feared he would follow his father and uncles footsteps.
Thank goodness he takes his meds

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I’m sorry you had to go through that.

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My biggest fear is losing control of my life. It happened once when a friend betrayed me, had me arrested on false charges and put in jail in a solitary cell on suicide watch. Talk about feeling completely hopeless and helpless. Jail was short-lived (under 24 hours) and I regained control quickly but issues (lawsuits) dragged the nightmare on for several months and much of the loss is unrecoverable. But I’m doing much better now, thank you. See ya….Gary aka wtf

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@inspectorjones, what’s there to be afraid of death. Sure, you can due gruesomely or painfully, but it’s going to happen eventually. If was going to die I’d face it, and if I had a choice I’d go down fighting. In between of old age or saving someone in a fire, i’d chose that later.

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My mom told me about her sex life.

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My son got really sick, he had cancer. I was dealing with cancer at the time, too. I felt so damn helpless. Watching a little one deal with that is hell, pure hell. He was brave and very strong, while going through the treatments. I’ve never been so scared in my life. Even with the things I’ve gone through, nothing scared me more than knowing I couldn’t make him better. He’s 6 now, strong and healthy.

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@XOIIO I said they all end with death.

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Mine is ending up like some of my family members, homeless, and alone drug addicts. The sad thing is, their the ones I most resemble.

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YES!!! Last night at a very inopportune time I was going potty and of nowhere, well, actually somewhere a SPIDER Fell on to my lap!!!!!! I jumped up screaming, slapping at my leg trying to get up on my bathtub but couldn’t because my pants were around my ankles.

Alright! That was more than you all needed to know! Sorry!!

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My greatest fear is death and losing those I care about. I have lost 3 people in the past 3 months, I still have my fear of death and dying but the people I have lost where so strong and brave that I feel ashamed of being scared. One of the people I lost fought a brain tumour changed his life around and then was stuck again with another brain tumour he was more concered about the family and how we all felt than himself and was so brave. So in one sense although I still have panic dreams about dying and death my fear is helping me grow stronger and live life to the fullest.

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@inspectorjones, ok srry I didn’t read that right.

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Seems as if whatever fear I experience is my ultimate fear of the moment. And the anticipation always seems to be worse than the experience itself. At least so far that has proved to be true.

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I’m afraid of dying alone of dementia in a badly-run nursing facility where the patients are tortured by the staff. I may or may not avoid this fate; it’s too early to tell.

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one of them, yes.

I had huge fear of losing my vision.
fortunately it came back.

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Not yet. My greatest fear is to be left alone.

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/me turns back to @ShanEnri and starts walking away slowly. never looking back.

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@InspecterJones NOOOOOOOOOO…don’t go…

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I will let you know 2 seconds before I die.

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I really have no idea what are most of the things I’m afraid of. Probably I’m afraid of the things I’m afraid of. In any case, I try very hard not to pay attention to my fears. Especially death. That one is really hard to ignore, and thoughts about it appear at least once a day. However, there’s nothing to be gained by thinking about it, so perhaps, that too can be placed in the irrelevant file.

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all the time

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My biggest fear is an inevitable one. But it hasn’t happened yet, fortunately.

It’s my own demise.

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@sccrowell Thanks for burning that image in my brain. haha

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@socrowell, I gave you lurve too because the same thing happened to me a month or so ago. Had to get out the mop and everything!

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Not everything I hope. She promised.

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@sccrowell and the spider laughed.

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I agree with inspecterJones, my greatest fears involve death, or extreme physical debilitation, so no, they haven’t come true yet. I’ve certainly have terrible setbacks in my life, but I’ve come through them, and occasionally found brighter days than I had ever expected.

Life is a roller coaster. We just have to keep hanging on. I’d love to have a few more safety blankets, but I just keep on keeping on.

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Forever present on my doorstep.

Begging to be let back in.


…and, as this has been going on for a long time, recently – it is becoming unbearable. Yet, who for?

Your question has unearthed much.

Thank you…?

A lesson.

Forty years ago – this week – I made a decision about a small group of friends. You see they all let me down. They prepared themselves improperly. They abandoned an agreement we had invested our lives in. They failed to stay the course. They acted immaturely. They bailed! Period. It hurt me so much, so deep, that I vowed never to permit them back into my life, ever. So, in my seething stupor, I developed, for myself, a disciplined approach to this situation, in the form of a lesson. When any moment presented itself; when any one of these “friends” attempted to reunite our past mission and resurrect our journey together and begin it all over again – “let bygones be bygones” – I would let my silence and steadfast refusal to have any contact whatsoever with any of them be a lesson.

My lesson.

My decision to apply this coldness, I theorized, would be a searing, or seething, focus for them. A fixation. Oh, yes. Hopefully. And then, their loss of me, and our shared past, present and future, would serve to inform them all about never ever making that kind of mistake again in their lives with anybody else.

My lesson.

And, it worked. All of their guilt and all of their remorse was packaged into futile attempts to apologize. Letters. Tapes. Drawings. Poetry. You name it. I have saved them all. But I, remaining forever in their lives as the elusive enigma, would never permit myself to respond. I was silent. And they got it. I know they got it, I can just feel it.

And you see I was willing to do that for them.

My lesson.

So now today, here I am. Confessing. Publicly. Reading your question, and having a twinge of self-doubt. It comes and goes with the territory. If you play this tough in life, this cold hearted, you are bound to experience a ripple or two placing untidy creases in your self-righteousness.

It’s because my silence has lasted for over ⅔ of my adult life. And now, I feel something is imminent. A shift is occurring somewhere off in the distance. A plan is being cultivated and a movement is about to be born. My worst fear has yet to be realized. And you might think it has something to do with finally facing the “students” I have chosen to deliver “my lesson” to for 40 years. No, you see, it is much bigger. What I have accomplished in this stubborn attempt at living a portion of my life as a self-anointed heroic figure, a lesson, has simply paved the way for the completion of the lesson – as ultimately it must end. It really must, but how?

Soon. It approaches. I know.

My greatest fear is about to come true.

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forgiveness, however scary, IS liberating.
You will survive it.

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The self is the only foundation of the self.

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Yes. I saw Jimmy Carter’s ass!


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this was your choice and the consequences will come

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@Sampson You saw his brother Billy?

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@filmfann If I did, I wouldn’t run away. I’d demand beer of course.

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a clown in a car on my street stopped and asked me for directions once.

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@tiffyandthewall Did it kind of remind you of sampson’s avatar? That is one scary avatar.

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Losing a family member was. And, I lost my Mom. Yes, it was the hardest, scariest thing that I’d ever gone through.

Still have the same fear.

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Yes. I had always feared when my grandfather died then I would lose a bit of my own life, like I wouldn’t be able to feel it was as worthwhile. When he did die I was living with a self destructing partner whose negativity and depression had already been wearing on me. We were living far from friends and family in a place I absolutely hated and to make matters the worse, I couldn’t work at the job I was used to so he had me stop working all together. I’d been working since a teen and not making my own money, having no car… well I felt like I was dying. The very worst was being yelled at for grieving and having no way to comfort myself. Nothing could have prepared me to go through all that. Blech. Now it’s only the fear of the fast moving zombies catching me.

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My greatest fear is dying accidentally where no one will ever find me. So, no, it hasn’t happened yet.

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