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How would I save youtube videos and save them to a dvd?

Asked by okc405 (255points) April 2nd, 2008

yea im plannin on makin my suv another living room and i wanna know how to save youtube vidoes to my computer and burn them to a disc

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I don’t know how to answer your question, but nice topic tag! My bad, back to the question…

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ok her it goes , if you have a laptop with a svideo out you can conect you s video and audio out to your dvd recorder in and record all the you tube you want , it works great i have done it many times

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I have a pc, and mine doesn’t have a s video port and I don’t own a dvd recorder. I see all the time how someone has edited a youtube video and one would have to save that in order to edit. Are there any other ways to do this?

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there is a program called free download software. That is the name, google it and download it, it is very easy, i love it and use it quite often. Snap movies like eurotrip, tv shows on there, um music of any sort, anything from jeff dunham to behtoven.

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