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Jail Time?

Asked by okc405 (255points) April 8th, 2008

Say I was applying to a job, and I needed a bachelors degree to qualify. But I really don’t feel like going to college. If I made a degree/certificate in something on Microsoft Word and got it notarized and was caught could I face jail time or a mark on my record?

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Hopefully, both.

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I would think so. That’s lying. I’m sure there is a reason that the employer wants you to have a bachelors degree.

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Probably. That’s fraud.

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I doubt you could/would get in trouble. It might be against the law but I doubt the company would pursue it.

I had a job at Intel that only required a High School diploma. They called the high school to check.

I wouldn’t waste your time.

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The don’t ask to see your diploma; they ask for transcripts to be sent from the university to the employer.

You learn stuff like that in college.

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no. I learn it on fluther

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I’m not suggesting this, but I’ve never had a job want to see any evidence that I went to college. You shouldn’t need a fake diploma or a fake transcript.

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I know people who lied about having degrees. When they were caught, they were fired. It was really humiliating for them and their families.

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It will all depend on whether or not the company does a background check & how extensive it is. Smaller companies typically don’t have the resources to do anything other then call references. Larger corporations will order copies of your transcripts from the university. Either way you will most likely be fired if you are caught lying on your resume or app. I doubt you would go to jail.

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I worked at a fairly large corporate law firm and I’m 99% sure they never checked (entry level) applicant’s degree status, even though it was definitely a requirement. I think all that would happen is that you would get fired. As said above, they usually check, if they do, by way of the University. There’s no real point in fabricating one.

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…Unless you fabricate an ENTIRE university. You could call it OKC College.

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hahaha.. like in “Accepted”

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OKC. Tell them the truth, dont lie…. and let that personality SHINE through. Its all about personality if you dont have that degree.

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Ahh, wouldn’t it be nice if that would actually work. I have a degree, lots of experience and I feel like I don’t get jobs because I’m too honest. It seems like a lot of people lie, so how does an honest person compete? For example, I once applied for a bartending gig in NYC and was forced to rate myself on paper for various skills. One category was ‘wine knowledge.’ I would say that I know a lot about wine, but what’s a lot? I’m no sommelier, so I think I said a 5 out of 10. I was sure that I would get quizzed but never did and never got a call back.

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There was a case a few years ago of a school administrator in Florida who had faked their credentials. The school district then sued them for the salary they had paid based on those forgeries.

There was also a scam being run where teachers were getting fake certifications and credits. (I was writing articles on higher education at the time). The teachers then were able to get pay raises and bonuses based on that continuing education. They were all fired and the state attorney general opened a case against them.

It’s simply not worth it.

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isn’t there a signature line at the bottom of your application that says that you will be punished by giving false information??? there is in GA I know that just filled an app last week

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I’m pretty sure you would be fired but there’s no way in hell you would go to jail. No one is ever going to ask to see a diploma anyway, they would just check your records from school if they wanted to.

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it is fraud and grounds for dismissal.every job applicant and new hire signs a statement that they have not lied on the application. Same reason you don’t lie about a criminal history. The may ne ok with a dui for example but if you don’t disclose it and it comes to light its fraud. The only person who would do jail time is if it were notarized. A notary has nothing to do with a diploma so they would have no business looking at it. If they did stamp that seal in most states that is a crime.

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If the company does a background check, you just cost yourself a job.

If it’s found out later on, you just cost yourself a career—no matter how well you did at the job, the company will fire you, and forget about getting any positive references from them.

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