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Has anyone else noticed a relentless push of dairy products?

Asked by Sgt_Pop_McTart (192points) November 2nd, 2010

I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems like over the years I have seen a dramatic increase in commercials promoting milk and cheese. Am I just imagining things?

When I worked for a network research company last year I learned that many people have been converting to vegetarianism which has had a negative impact on the animal food industry. Do you think that could be why there are so many dairy commercials, or am I imagining all of this?

It kind of creeps me out a little bit.

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I haven’t noticed a push for dairy in general but I have been confused by the State dairy battles. “California cows” vs. “Wisconson cheese”. Like I read the labels in support of one or the other.

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I thought it was a bit less these days. I remember when there were milk, egg, beef and pork (the other white meat) commercials all the time. Now I don’t really see any.

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@Blueroses yeah I have noticed that the commercials here in Cananda make a huge deal about the cows having been raised in Canada.

I figured that had to do with the way the animals are fed and raised?

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It’s not really a conspiracy, but it is a deliberate campaign by milk producers and the producers of dairy products to increase the consumption of dairy products. It’s not evil, or creepy, I don’t think, it’s just business. Here’s the Wikipedia article on the Got Milk? ad campaign that was sponsored/developed by the California Milk Processor Board.

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It may just be Canada or Ontario more specificaly but it seems like there are always commercials about milk and cheese during the break. Sometimes back to back and sometimes there will be three separate commercials about milk during the commercial break.

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Apparently, they do it because it works.

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@Sgt_Pop_McTart I think the Canadian beef nationalism is a response to the mad cow disease scare. Here, in the western states, we also saw a push for how much safer it was to buy Canadian.

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When it comes to the origin of products, that might be to cater to environment-aware consumers. When a product needs to be flown in from far away, that produces a lot of CO2 by means of the plane.

But no, I haven’t seen a push over here.

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In the U.S., the government used to heavily subsidize the dairy industry, but with the huge cutbacks, dairy farmers have to find other ways to generate revenue.

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You aren’t imagining the push. In the US, it started (or was revived), with the Got Milk? campaign that started in 1993. Then there is the California’s Happy Cow campaign.

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I have noticed a huge leap in Canada in this regard (more so dairy but beef as well). And it worries me. I live in western Canada.

As to why.. I think it’s because they (meaning dairy farmers and government) are losing money. Perhaps it’s from the “mad cow” scare and, as you suggested, more people are choosing to use less dairy.

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I think some of the cow commercials (particularly the happy ones from California or the push for Canadians to eat Canadian growth beef) is due to the fear of cows, errrr, due to the remaining fears of mad cow disease in American beef stock specifically. There was also a recent (2–3 years) article about the long-term benefit of drinking milk (if you are not lactose intolerant) for women’s health in particular. Looking for citation . . . .

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This mentions one of the studies about women’s health and milk. Here is another.

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Cheese & dairy products are a big industry in California, you know, the california happy cows? lol

Major wine producing scene as well.
Napa, Sonoma, El Dorado & Amador counties where I live.

A day without cheese and wine is a day without sunshine in my space.

Cheese IS food of the gods….step away from my cheese!

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Well, vegetarians do eat milk and cheese, so it can’t be that specifically, but I can see that a push in these products could result due to a decrease in consumption. Why does it creep you out? I’m not sure I’ve noticed a push in milk and cheese – I would say though that I’ve noticed a push in eggs over the last 10 years or so.

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@nicobanks octo-lavo vegetarians eat dairy, but vegan vegetarians don’t.

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@JLeslie Okay. I’ve only ever used and heard “vegan” and “vegetarian.”

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I thoguht the term was ’ Lacto-Ovo’ meaning milk, ( lactose) and ‘ovo’ meaning (ovum.)

Milk & eggs.

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Yes- I think an “octo-lavo” vegetarian would be preoccupied with washing his hands eight times before dinner!

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LOL Very good! hahaha

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@Coloma yeah lacto ovo, I fluther too late at night. Plus, no reason someone could be lacto and not ovo.

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