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As a member of Fluther, what is your opinion of Dr. J. sporting a San Francisco hat?

Asked by Pied_Pfeffer (27446points) November 2nd, 2010

The Fluther corporate headquarters is in San Francisco, USA. The Fluther collective is international, despite being heavily weighted by US citizens. Is this acceptable? Offensive? Do you care? Did you even notice?

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It doesn’t bother me. I actually like that they keep Dr. J festive and it’s kind of nice that they did it considering I believe this was the first world series win for SF.

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Now that’s just racist.

I actually hate baseball and can’t stand watching it for some odd reason. Same for the “other” football. I can still watch American football, but I still prefer noisy cars going in circles.

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lol! I hadn’t even noticed. However, I find it acceptable and I really don’t think I care XD

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didn’t notice, probably would not have even known what it meant or stood for if not for this question….

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If Miss California wins Miss America, Dr J better be wearin a sash. just sayin’

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I noticed and it bothered me but hell, what am I gonna do?

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Hey, this gives me an idea… Jimmie Johnson is a native of CA… Let’s watch what happens in the next 3 weekends.


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Makes him look jaunty!

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I think Dr J should support his hometown team.

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It’s ultimately your house. Decorate it however you like.

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I think it’s silly for anyone to be offended by this. Fluther is based out of San Francisco. duh I’m guessing some people are offended because their team(s) lost.

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Lighten the fuck up. I didn’t bitch when they decorated for C-Mas last year. It is just a god damn group of old rich men trying to hit a ball with a stick.

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Don’t really care. Then again, I don’t watch baseball.

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I noticed. It’s cute to update the mascot to reflect current events.

I don’t care for baseball though, or the whole sports fan mentality in general. I’ve never understood feeling a kinship with a bunch of millionaire’s chasing balls around a field or court.

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I was going to ignore it until you brought it up. I say; GO STEELERS!

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@Trillian . . . go packers. the only team in the nfl that is owned by a community that makes the players a bunch of rich old men.

chyna's avatar

I like to see Dr. J dressed up and it’s nice he supports his home team. I thought it was a football team until I looked it up. It is football season.
Go Saints!

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@Blondesjon Why? Why it’s got ta be thata way? Why ya gotta lash out?

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So here’s a question: if the Phillies had won the World Series, would Dr. J be sporting the P hat? Hmmmm?

I don’t know. I think it gives people an excuse to get riled up about something. It proves something we all secretly knew: those folks down in the basement labs far beneath fluther’s office space, are not objective at all—those slimy little Giant worshippers!

Whatever! ;^)

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I just now noticed it. THANK YOU, FOUNDERS! I LOVE IT!!!
The San Francisco Giants are the WORLD CHAMPIONS!

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@wundayatta- I don’t know what games you were watching but the Phillies weren’t in the World Series this year. It was the Giants and the Rangers. And here’s another little known fact: The Fluther headquarters aren’t in Philly either. Can you guess where they are located?

Hint. It’s the city where the World Series trophy is located.

wundayatta's avatar

@AstroChuck Since when did Sacramento become a part of San Francisco? Oh, wait. I forgot. You don’t have a baseball team. You have the Kings. [snicker].

Well, the Phillies, in case you forgot, were just a couple of wins away from the World Series this year. But that’s beside the point. I could have used any team at all. Had any team but the Giants won, do you think we would be seeing their cap on Dr. J? Go ahead. Think about it. You can drive in from Sacramento, while you’re doing it. Should give you enough time to figure it out.

[If I were a bell, I’d go Ding, Dong, Ding, Dong, Ding]

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Um…what @johnpowell said.

As a Bay Area resident, I was glad to see it. :)

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@wundayatta- Why are you bringing up the Kings? Who cares? Baseball is life! I grew up going to Candlestick Park and watching Willie Mays play. I’ve suffered through the lean years. I can revel in their first World Championship title since coming to the west coast. And I will do just that!

P.S.- If the Fluther headquarters had been based in Philadelphia in 2008 when the Phillies were the world champs and Dr. J had donned a Phillies hat it wouldn’t have bothered me one bit. Now if they were based in LA and he had on a Dodgers hat, that would be a different story.

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I could not care less.

@AstroChuck Actually, they are the US champions. Many other countries have their own leagues.

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Since the Giants have been waiting 55 years for this World Series championship, I say go for it, and send me a cap too!

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@bob_ – Let’s get real.

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Didn’t notice…. everyone should rep where they live!

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I can give two shits about baseball, but I like Dr J going with different themes a la google style. So im not against baseball Dr J

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I really isn’t a World series, as not all countries/teams are represented. However, the WORLD CUP of football (a much better championship, to boot) is a true world event.

El_Cadejo's avatar

some how i figured you’d chime in to say something like that :P

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Heh…I didn’t even notice until it was brought up. I think it’s cute. And I even hate the Giants for existential philosophical reasons.

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I think it’s adorable, even though I care not one whit for baseball.

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Never noticed it don’t care. Hey if the cap fits! :¬)

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It’s showing who’s boss.

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Camertron said: ”…it’s a tribute and a cry of congratulations. Sorry Texas fans!” in this thread. I think it was meant to be less regional affiliation and mote congratulatory. I think it’s cute

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I don’t care about sports..(well, except hockey), but Dr. J looks adorable in his hat. I like it when he dresses up.

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It’s cool, but I was rooting for Texas.

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@AstroChuck Believe me, if the Dodgers had won the series, Dr. J would be bedecked in blue.

Hooligans, you Giants fans. Hooligans!

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And that would have been the final straw. I couldn’t respect any jellyfish wearing any kind of Dodgers paraphernalia.

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@andrew Was there a wager on this, somehow?

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@johnpowell A simple “It’s boring.” would’ve sufficed. But I like that a lot better. xD

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Dr. J is his own man to do as he please!

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Oh, as a non-American, I was so offended I curled up into the fetal position and lay in a corner to cry. I’m considering suing Fluther for the therapy I had to go through before I could breathe properly again.
Whoever made that logo should realise that on the internet, you can’t ever risk offending anyone’s delicate sensibilities.

So “SF” was for San Francisco? It had me wondering.

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It’s cute, but he’d look better in Yankees’ blue…

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hate to say it, but he’s not as cute as SF pitcher Tim Lincicum.

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Grrrrrr it makes my blood boil!

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Fear the weird!

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I noticed; I loved it. I live SF and am stoked for our Giants.

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I was a Giants fan when they were a New York team, now it is sort of ho humzzzzzzzzzzz!

I am with @breedmitch – I would be a lot more excited if it were a Yankee cap!

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@rooeytoo @breedmitch damn Yankees.

Red Sox will rise again!

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That might take another 86 years. (loohoo- hoo- hoo- hoosers!)

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@anartist , yeah right and the Titanic was unsinkable! :-)

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@rooeytoo Actually, the RMS Titanic did in fact sink just four days into its maiden voyage crossing the Atlantic after striking an iceberg a few hundred miles SE from Newfoundland.-
Just sayin’

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@AstroChuck – congrats dude, you noticed the sarcasm!

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