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So much amazing guys here make me wonder, are there as many guys/girls friendly to LGBT people in America in your daily life?:)

Asked by wsxwh111 (2464points) November 20th, 2014

As is asked. I know American people are very different due to the region they live in, so it would be nice if you add where you’re from as well.

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New Jersey and most of the “guys and girls” I know are gay friendly; especially the gay ones!

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I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Someone who isn’t GSRM friendly here would find themselves quite isolated.

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@zenvelo that awesome place is like heaven on the earth

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For the most part, my family is pretty open-minded (they still act kind of “grossed out” when a gay couple kisses on TV… which seriously makes me angry. If a straight couple can kiss, why can’t a gay one?) Anyway, I remember my mom, a nurse, was telling me that when she was younger she didn’t support gay marriage because she thought it was really weird, but one day when she was working, a gay couple came in and one of them was really sick. They tested the sick man and turns out he had AIDS. When they told the man’s partner, the partner immediately broke down and just sobbed. That’s when my mother realized that gay couples love each other just as much as straight couples do, so now she supports gay marriage.
I go on mission trips around the world, and on the last one we had a man come with us. He was telling us what he did at home and stuff, and how he hung out with his partner a lot. He was really nice and we all grew super close. When we got home, a few weeks later, I checked his Facebook, and I saw that he had gotten married. I looked at their pictures and saw that he was married to another man, and it was so cute, they looked like they love each other so much! I read the comments and everyone was saying, “Congratulations, I’m so happy for you!” Even the people on our mission trip team were saying that! I did not see one bad comment at all. It made me very happy. Later, I told my dad, who doesn’t have a Facebook, that the guy from our team married his partner, and my dad told me to say to him that he was very happy for him.
A few weeks ago in my school we had “Ally Week”, where we had to dress up as different colors each day, and the colors represented something. For example, red was for love and compassion. Friday we were supposed to wear rainbow colored clothes. They had a stand in the lunchroom where you signed a paper to pledge that you would never judge someone else for their orientation and that you will be nice to people no matter what. A lot of people signed it.
Despite all this, I still hear a lot of anti-gay, anti-trans insults, and it makes me very angry to see how ignorant some people can be. I promised to myself that the next time I hear one of those insults, I won’t keep silent and I will stand up for the LGBT community.

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I live in one of the reddest of the red states – Georgia. We’re full of rednecks – mostly Baptists and lots of evangelicals. Churches line the streets.

In the city (proper) Atlanta – state capital and big city – there is a thriving gay community that is petty much accepted. Not necessarily loved, but generally not hassled. But once you get out into the suburbs, and also out in the rural arase of the state (lots of agricultural areas – small towns, almost completely Baptist and redneck as they come) there is no tolerance for gays at all.

But the Deep South is always the last to adopt and accept social trends.

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I live in Boston and everyone I know is either gay, gay-friendly, or gay-I-don’t-give-shit.

I’ve only known a few people in my life who were openly hostile or disgusted by gay people. Thankfully.

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I live in Chicagoland. I have been involved in theater most of my life. That should tell you something. I honestly don’t know anyone in my family/friends/associates that are not LGBT friendly.

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I live in Western NY. (Even if I told you the population here is 110% LGBT you wouldn’t want to live here because of all the press we’re getting with this snow storm. By tonight Buffalo will have reached its annual average accumulated snow fall. And Winter has not started!)
I’m straight so the issue really does not come up very often. In fact we don’t usually talk about our sex lives one way or the other. My circle tends to be live and let live. No problem. Unlike some evangelical sects we are pretty certain we won’t catch “gay” by hanging out with and being respectful to anyone different.
In fact the difference makes the world more interesting.

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When I was a kid we didn’t have a single openly gay student at my high school. Now, they have male cheerleaders.

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@Esteban1 Which means the male cheerleaders are gay?

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In the region of Alabama I currently reside, people that I deal with generally seem apathetic towards the LGBT community, the topic of homosexuality only arose once in the time I’ve been here when coworkers inquired if I was aware that our boss is gay. Other than that, I haven’t heard or read anything.

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here we go again…........

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Not in this Republican Mormon dominated state!

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Yes. I live in central Canada.

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I live in Los Angeles. Enough said.

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Here in Seattle, most don’t care. The annual LGBT parade is just something that causes messes up traffic rather than anything else.

Once you. leave the Puget Sound area and head east, WA state turns red real fast. The only reason WA seems liberal and tolerant is because Seattlites outnumber rural rednecks; they voted against gay marriage and legal pot, but WA has both anyway.

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@Esteban1 Did you know that George Bush was a male cheerleader at Yale? Did you know that women did not become cheerleaders until 1923? Before that it was strictly male. Do you think one must be gay to be a male cheerleader?

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I live in South Carolina. Most of the people I know are against anything that is different from them. Our pride parade always has plenty of protesters standing across the street with signs about God sending all queers to hell. Gotta love the south.

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I live in Portland, Oregon. Portland is an extremely liberal city (so yes, LGBT friendly) but like @jerv said for Seattle, once you start roaming outside of Portland, there are tons and tons of conservatives. Because there are so many Portlanders, though, we pretty much control the entire state – which is more than fine with me.

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I am in England not the USA but it is a very gay-friendly country and my city (Manchester) is famous for the LGBT community here. Some rural areas are less tolerant.

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