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Whats your favorite shape?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6765points) April 2nd, 2008

something you never really think about that often…until now. doesnt have to be symmetrical or have equal angles.

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A four-cusped Hypocycloid.
It was my fraternity pledge pin.


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a heart <3

i have a tattoo of the earth in the shape of a heart. world of love.. or thats how it should be.

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Circle equal and infinate like my marriage

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a pear. i love pear shape

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Well, I’m more into “Old School” shapes, like the old Visons, or Powells! I still ride a “New-School” board from time to time, though!



A Trapezium!

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A circle. Smooth, sexy, never ending.

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anything Celtic and continuous

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never ending circle…

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a circle, much like a peace sign and a yin yang <3

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I like shamrocks.

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Golden Spiral. Such a beautiful shape you can see everywhere in life.

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I forget the name. It’s a 2d, one-sided plane that occupies 3d space. Basically, picture a loop of ribbon with a single twist in it. Anyone know what I’m trying to describe?

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A pig tail! That’s what I’d call it anyways.

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Just being honest, when I ask myself this and try to think whether I like hexagons or circles more, the favorite shape that says “ahem!” to me and makes me see it’s my favorite, is a woman’s body. I also really love the shapes of big trees and fluffy cats.

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The shape of clouds.

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amorphous-like the clouds ^_^

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The female form.

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Möbius strips are the coolest! You can make a neverending story on one.

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A Fleur de Lis is my favorite shape, and of course, Diamonds are a girls best friend!

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A stylized tree. I love trees.

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@perchik, yep mobius strip is what I was thinking of, thanks for reminding me of the name.

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Arterial Spatter.

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The dodecagon! (A 12-sided polygon.) We had to learn about them in 3rd grade, and the mot fun game was to deliberately mispronounce it as “Dody Kay Gon” to annoy our math teacher.

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I like equilateral regular 12-sided 3-D polyhedrons too.

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