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What are some real life examples of angles and line segments?

Asked by pcmonkey (427points) January 20th, 2012

Im forced to do a school project on simple geometry. I am suppose to find an image for each shape, figure, etc., that the teacher gives me. I don’t mean to be asking for “homework” answers, but do you guys know any examples of a real-life angle or a real-life line segment. I need an image. For example, if for line segment, you told me to get a picture of the corner of a bed, you know.. Please help me out! Thanks

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Look at a house.

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A truss bridge, a store, a shopping mall, your school, they’re quite literally everywhere.

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Every kind of corner where straight lines meet is an angle. Every straight edge that does not go on forever is a line segment. Your kitchen alone is full of geometric shapes, even before you walk outdoors. A clock with hands gives you every angle from 0 degrees to 360.

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I don’t know if you are working with three dimensional shapes but planets are good examples of spheres. So are soap bubbles.

Planets travel in elliptical orbits.

Laser beams travel in straight lines. Leaf veins are line segments.

The surface of a tree stump is a pretty good approximation to a circle.

The leaves of a mile a minute plant are very nearly triangular.

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Another natural shape is the hexagon. The cells in a honeycomb are hexagonal. If you join together the ends of the six arms of a snowflake, you also get a hexagon.

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Lots of sports use angles and shapes… ie. the triangle offense, or the angle of a shot off the backboard in basketball; angled shots in tennis, or racquetball. Head on over to your local mini-golf course, or how about pool (billiards)?

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