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How can I market a website on a college campus?

Asked by aulwil (5points) November 4th, 2010

I am working for a website that is going to offer many services related to music (a music blog, purchasing tickets, local concert information, etc.).

The site is about to launch so I need to brainstorm some ways to promote it: specifically to the students at the University of Maryland (where I am currently a student).

Some ideas that I’ve already thought of include distributing flyers, sponsoring local concerts, and participating in local charity events.

Any other suggestions? Thanks!

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Advertise in the school newspaper.

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Ads on the school radio station.

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* Check with the university about posting a notice on the online disccussion board.
* When designing the fliers, use the format where the website name is listed sideways multiple times at the bottom and cut so that they can be torn off by anyone interested.
* Come up with some teaser ads.

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Go to some place that allows printing for free (Off campus apartment cpu lab) and print up thousands of fliers. Place these everywhere on campus. FLOOD IT. Throw them on the ground in popular hallways, pass them out. Place some signs around the school. If you can get a list of email addresses of the students spam the shit out of them.

Combine this with some black hat SEO and you’re golden.

I do black hat marketing for a good side income. Trust me. It’s all about numbers and exposure

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Flier, brotha. Fliers. It’s college!

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