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How can I get back my data in my external hard disk drive?

Asked by 9doomedtodie (3113points) November 8th, 2010

I have an external hard disk drive. It has a 150 GB space. The disk is 77.7 GB full with movies & very important documents. Yesterday, all things were working OK, but today, when I insert the disk, my laptop gets hung. The disk is being detected, but after opening, it is not getting open up. It shows a pop up message” You can use your disk after formatting it”. I have tried to scan it by antivirus but it’s not getting scanned. I want to save my data. The disk’s name I had given was “Transcend”. Today, It is not showing the name “local disk”.
How can I recover my Hard disk drive? I wonder, How it has broken down all of a sudden?.
Is there any way to save my data? I don’t want to format it. How can I get my data? Is there any software to repair my hard disk?

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I believe that your hard drive has crashed, and crashed hard.

Whether you “can” get back some or most your data depends, really, on what it’s worth to you. You can find places to do “hard disk data recovery” (that’s a google search that I’d recommend), but they’re going to cost you on a per-megabyte basis. And you may not be entirely thrilled with the results.

Good luck.

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@CyanoticWasp Oh No!.. then, maybe it will be affordable for me to think of a new hard disk instead of this or I must format it.
Do you know any software to repair it?

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If you can’t even address it, then I don’t know what will work. Did you try that google search that I recommended? There are some ‘fix’ ideas there, but I didn’t really expect that they’d work for you.

But anything is worth trying before you reformat the drive and guarantee the loss of data, if it’s important to you.

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Yes just had a google search. I asked the same question on this
Hope to get a good solution. I love my HDD & I don’t want to loose the data. :(

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Do you have a separate hard drive with a larger amount of space? Then get this, and get it quick. It totally works, though it’s about $50. You need the other hard drive to dump the recovered files into it. Then you can reformat the original drive.

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I agree with @aprilsimnel – try some software specially made for recovery. There’s quite a bit of it out on the Internet. I’m not sure about EaseUs, but I’ve had good experiences with DiskWarrior (for Mac). However you recover your data, might I urge you to back it up on a regular basis? This kind of thing can really ruin a weekend.

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Hi all,

What can I say, On that day, I tried all softwares. Finally I got bored. I was very angry with my hard disk drive. So,I inserted my HDD again & I just kept my thumb at the centre of HDD & pressed it a bit down. I heard a sound like a finger sticks in a rotating plastic fan. Then, all things were working fine. HDD showing the name as “Transcend”. Thank God!! Now, it’s working fine. Seriously, I lost all hopes. I think, HDD was Frozen, Wasn’t it? What do you think, What did happen to it? I am not getting the route cause. :)

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@blinkErri back it up as soon as you can onto your next hard drive… and then back that up, too. A drive that’s suffering from “sticktion” isn’t long for this world. You got a reprieve; don’t waste it.

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Yes. I do. @CyanoticWasp : Thanks for help. :)

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