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How can I convince my parents that even though I am only 17, that I am mature and responsible enough to go on a trip with my friends this summer after I graduate?

Asked by skgskgskg22 (260points) April 3rd, 2008

I won’t be 18 until august but that will be too late and I just want to go and have fun. I know how to take precautions and i’ll be with people that I can trust.

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Emancipate yourself!

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First and foremost, don’t argue with them, whine, or beg. Listen to whatever they have to say and don’t interrupt. The goal is to get them to see that you are mature enough to handle a disagreement. If they see that you can be mature, then it will be easier for them to believe you when you say you’re mature enough to go on the trip. If your parents are anything like mine, they are going to tell you all the reasons why they think you shouldn’t go. Just be patient and listen. After they are done, ask them what you can do to give them a peace of mind. Offer to call every couple of hours to let them know you are okay, to stay in a hotel room with members of your own sex, etc. I’ve convinced my parents to let me go on trips this way.

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You can’t really convince them. If you are responsible they should already know it.

At the time of the trip you will still be a minor, so they are 100% responsible for EVERYTHING you do and if anything does happen (God forbid) you are legally their responsibility.

You have to also earn their trust. Have you done anything in the past for them not to trust you?

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Well I have always been the “good” kid and my older brother was always the one in trouble. I have shown them that I am trustworthy and it pisses me off that they are so narrow minded.

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It’s always different with girls…I am sure it’s the age thing. That’s the only thing I can think of, since it’s a after graduation trip. Where is the trip to?

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It is hard to guess what your parents reasoning is. It also could be who else is going on the trip and where they are going. Every year we see seniors who never make it to college, because they were doing something stupid the last few weeks of High School.
I lost a friend a few days before graduation because he trusted someone who put him into a deadly situation.

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@upward: I agree with you 100%.

Even when your parents trust you, sometimes they don’t trust the people you are with. Peer pressure is all over and it still remains part of the cause why most teens don’t make it to graduation or the first day of college.

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sigh but i’m so different from average teenagers. . .

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hey i’m just curious skqskqskq22, what’s your profile picture?

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the perfume curious by britany spears

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haha i thought it was a bong. and i was gonna be like well maybe that’s why they don’t trust you well

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“Even when your parents trust you, sometimes they don’t trust the people you are with.”

@babygalll, this is so true. My parents told me the exact same thing. Skg, if you feel your parents might feel this way, perhaps ask a couple of your friends’ parents to give your parents a call so they have an opportunity to share any of their worries in the open.

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Depending on where you’re going, have you tried offering up an itinerary or something to list the different activities and places you’d be visiting. Not sure what kind of trip this will be, but I can imagine… Of course, the majority of your time will be spent clowning around and being wild 17yr old kids, but I bet they would be more interested to know that you have a genuine interest in something beyond what “other” kids your age would be doing on a senior trip. You mentioned you’re not “average” I’d give them as many reasons to believe you as possible. Just a thought… If you’re going somewhere with a variety of tourist attractions, etc., you could do a little web surfing and print some things out for them to look at – they might be more inclined to agree if their mental image of your trip involves a little structure.

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