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What did you talk to your son or daughter about the first time he or she went to a high school dance?

Asked by wundayatta (58738points) November 9th, 2010

Tomorrow night (Wednesday? Oh, they have Veterans Day off the next day) is my daughter’s first high school dance. I think it’s the only one they get to go to this year. It’s an all-school dance, too, so there will be seniors there.

Tonight, at dinner, she remarks, “Dad, you know they will be all doing the grind.”

I was flummoxed by this bit of information, and wasn’t quite sure what to do. It turned out that my wife and son didn’t know what the “grind” was, and my son kept asking about it. My daughter wouldn’t say; my wife didn’t know (or so she said), so it came down to me. Sigh.

So, naturally I was concerned. She said she had no plans to grind, and if she had plans, I’m sure she wouldn’t have told us. Still, what was more alarming was the presence of older kids. So we started interrogating her on her plans. How many friends would she have there, etc.

She acted like, “Oh Mom,” classic teenager speak, I think. But I think she was just playing with us. She understands how to keep herself safe, I think. I hope,

How did your conversation go? Is it different with boys than it is with girls? Do you have a story?

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My folks told me to have fun. Like most high school events, it was tremendously awkward. A few kids were bumping and grinding, but most of us just stood around acting like the fumbling teenagers we were.

Man, I hated high school

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My daughters go to school dances all the time. The events are pretty heavily chaperoned, so it never even occurred to me to have any kind of special talk with them. Safety- and sex-related talk is part of our normal conversation, so I guess I just didn’t feel the need to address it specifically with regard to the dance(s).

On a related note, my oldest (16) just had her first date… at the homecoming dance. I asked a lot more questions after this dance than any of the previous ones. ;) They slow danced twice, but didn’t kiss.

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Our conversation went like this: accept no drinks from anyone. get it yourself. ectasy and other drugs can be deposited in the drink. stay away from alcohol, drugs and keep your virginity.

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