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Can you tell me where this "Wilderness" is?

Asked by forestGeek (9297points) November 11th, 2010

Years ago I read a story about about a large tract of land that has become wilderness due to the fact that it resides within a cease-fire zone. Anyone have any idea of where this is, and/or have links to any articles or stories about this? I realize that this could happen many places in the world, so any info on any place this is/has occurred would be great.

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United Nations Buffer Zone in Cyprus

A curious place, it runs right through the capital city. See the course of dilapidated buildings and trees running across the centre of the image.

Take a look at some of the strange photos on google maps.

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@Lightlyseared and @The_Idler, these are both awesome!! The Korean Demilitarized Zone looks to be what I saw a story on and was originally looking for, but I am really fascinated with both of these places. I am definitely going to read-up more on both. Thank you!!

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You could google “involuntary parks”. It’s a name Bruce Sterling used in one of his books that describes an area given back to the wildlife not because we want to but because it’s no longer viable for humans to live there. A good example would be the zone around Chernobyl.

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@Lightlyseared whoa, I did search for that literally just minutes before you wrote that!

This “involuntary parks” phenomenon really fascinates me and why I was searching for this info to begin with. I didn’t think about Chernobyl, but yeah, that would be another. I saw the Vice Magazine DVD where they travel there, and also found that very interesting. I think Hanford here in Washington will become a place like this someday as well.

Thanks for the info!!

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I seem to think I too have seen the documentary to which you refer, it was called Iron Curtain, Ribbon of Life and was about a ribbon of life stretching 13,000 kilometres across Europe, protecting everything from bears and wolverines in Finland to rare eagles in Bulgaria.
another link
and another

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