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Ever wanted to get away from the big city and live out in the country or near the woods/lakes/wilderness?

Asked by Jude (32098points) November 3rd, 2011

I am really leaning towards living up in Northern Michigan. Lakes, wilderness and peace.

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It would be nice to live away from the city, but just drive to it regularly. But I don’t think I would want to create a life separate from the city. I’m not a rural person.

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Yes, I have. I hated it.

The long drive to everything drove me crazy. I like rural settings. I like peace and tranquility. I also like convenience.

I prefer to be minutes away from the grocery store, the drug store, and at least a couple of places to do things at.

Instead, we live in a ‘burb that has a tranquil setting but is only minutes away from downtown. It’s a small village, but we have a grocery store, a drug store, and are moments from malls, movies and museums.

We’ve discussed moving out a ways…but we still don’t like the idea of the drive.

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I would want the best of both worlds. To live in an area where there are woods, lakes mountains and wilderness but not too far away from a major city that it is more than an hours drive or so. I love both. Whenever I have lived in one, I’ve found myself missing the other.

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Not to live, but I love to visit. I never felt I could live that far from a library.

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I dream of eventually settling as close to Loch Ness in Scotland as possible.

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It sounds nice, but I think I would hate it. I need a big city no more than 20–30 minutes away. I’m too young at this point, but when I’m old I’ll want to live in a place that an ambulance can access within a reasonable amount of time.

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Middle of the Utah desert. yes.

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Yes, a cottage in north west Scotland would be sublime.

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Yes. A quiet town somewhere. Where you can have friendly neighbours and help out when you need something. Where you can let the kids play without worrying. etc

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Yep. we are very happy with our decision =)

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I would love to, but I am handcuffed to this business for another 14.5 years then it is NC here I come!

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I already do.
I’ve been in the hills for 20 years now, and I avoid the city as much as possible.
One gets very spoiled with peace, beauty, no crime and lots of space.

This mornings highlight is leaf tornados with an approaching storm and watching a female preying mantis eat her lovers head on my bamboos on the deck. lol

Aaah, simple pleasures!

Actually I just changed my avatar at anothers members request for fall avatars. This is a campground on the river about 5 minutes from me. :-)

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Did that 30+ years ago and never regretted it.

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Yes, this is a regular topic for my brother and I.

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Live, never. Visit for the day, often. I have practical reasons for never wanting to – or being able to – live outside of a city; I’m partially sighted and will never be able to drive so good public transport is essential for me.

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Oh yes. That’s why I have an apartment in the city and a nice house on the family farm!

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Luckily for me, I live in the suburbs and I am equally close to both the city and the woods, complete with pine trees, lakes and camping and snow in the winter. Both the city and the wilderness are within an hour’s drive of my house.

It’s very important to me to get back to nature often. I don’t care for the city at all, but it’s often necessary and does offer a lot of amenities, but I could never live in the city.

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…get away from the big city and live out in the country…

I did, and I do.
On the coast in the Redwoods.

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Sounds like paradise to me @Kardamom
Scootch over… I’m movin in!

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I live in a beautiful village surrounded by stunning landscape.
I do like cities but I wouldn’t settle in one.

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Apparently it will make you smarter. Whenever I’m out in the mountains it is very easy to tell who the “slickers” are. They are stupid acting for some reason.

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I live a few miles out of a very small town. I couldn’t see myself living anywhere else. The city is only fun when you don’t live in it. :)

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