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Do all females have to experience vomiting as a sign of being pregnant?

Asked by ladyv900 (713points) November 11th, 2010

I’m talking about ones who don’t know and are curious if they’re pregnant or not,even if they took a Plan B pill the 2nd day early in the morning after that female individual had unprotected sex with the partner.She took before the 72 hours.Experienced spotting after taking the pill for like only 1 or 2 days(since the box said, may experience spotting).Also from a few weeks after she got her heavy menstrual cycle from only 4 days(which also was inlcuded from the Plan B may make the cycle irregular) even though she already had her last period from 6 weeks ago in October(the 2nd week of that month).

She never had nausea /no morning sickness nor vomiting, not really tired only if she had a lot of work to do, never ran to restroom a lot, breast haven’t changed, or any of the symptons signs of pregnancy.

Is it possible if she’s pregnant or did the Plan B take effect? Does she have to experience only one of the symptons? Too, does she have to wait to notice these possible pregnancy symptons and is it still necessary to take a home pregnany test?

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I had no morning sickness during two successful pregnancies and neither did my sister. My earliest clues were tender breasts and a feeling that something had changed.

I experienced aversions to certain food and an occasional slight queasiness (and a craving for milkshakes to combat heartburn).

The only way to be sure is to wait until the test will be valid.

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Nope. I was sick every single day of my first pregnancy, and wasn’t sick even once during my second pregnancy.

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Like the others have said, it’s different for everyone and with each pregnancy. When I was pregnant with my son, I didn’t find out until I was already 2 months along because I had no symptoms (other than the missed period which I attributed to stress).

This time around, I started feeling queasy at 3 weeks along with a bunch of other symptoms.

Have you taken a pregnancy test? If not, take one. If you took one and it was negative and you are still concerned, take another one.

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The symptoms are not as reliable as the test. You can have some the symptoms and not be pregnant, and you can be pregnant and not have a single one of the symptoms. Sorry to freak you out, but the only real answer is to take a pregnancy test. Good luck!

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In my first trimester, before I knew I was pregnant, I was feeling queasy in the evenings. I did not know I was pregnant, and for about a week or so I would come home from work every night and just lay in bed, trying to sleep off the sick feeling. That was mid-October. End of October it occurred to me that I had not seen a period since sometime in late August. For anybody wondering how this escaped me, I had been on vacation in September and just lost track. Anyway, long story short, end of October I took two pregnancy tests. One was in the evening and the second was a totally different brand, using the urine first thing in the morning. Both were positive. I went to the doctor and she did the ultrasound and I was 10 weeks pregnant. She was like “you’re quite pregnant.” I think during that whole ten weeks I did not throw up once. I did throw up several times after that, in the mornings, but always because I gagged on the toothbrush when I brushed my teeth. Normally, I could deep throat a banana, but when I was pregnant, a toothbrush made me puke.

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On my first pregnancy I threw up every day for 3 months. My second, I didn’t even throw up once.
I think it depends on how erratic your hormones may be during the pregnancy.

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By no means. I had a vague feeling of nausea for about 20 minutes one day. I remember thinking, “If I didn’t know better, I might think that was morning sickness.” A few weeks later, I tested positive. That was it for me: end of symptoms.

The second and third times, nothing at all. Man, did I have a good appetite.

Tender breasts, though. That just about drove me crazy.

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for me, another symptom, which I found out after I got suspicious that I was pregnant, was that I was horny as hell. I would be up for hours in the middle of thei night, fantasizing about all kinds of sexual stuff. It was so vivid. When I realized I had not had a period in a few months, I started googling symptoms, and I found out that being horny was one of the symptoms.

for anybody wondering after reading my last two posts why I was not positive I was pregnant after the signs, it’s because at the time I was 41, and I wanted to be pregnant but I thought I could not, or that I would not so easily. I got pregnant naturally, and I had read stories about all these women who have problems getting pregnant over the age of 35. I had a slow thyroid, and from what I read, if all is not 100% perfect you can’t get pregnant. Then I got pregnant. For me, having a perfect child at age 41 was literally a dream come true.

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