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When do women ovulate?

Asked by colog (73points) January 8th, 2008

When do you ovulate? Can you tell when you’re ovulating?

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The third Tuesday of every month.

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you usually ovulate around 14 days after menstruation

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14 days, as uberbatman says – counting from the start of menstruation

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Ladies; 14 days from onset of period is an average. Be advised. I conceived twice, the day after my period (always regular) ended. We assumed that we were safe. WRONG!

Luckily we were ready and I had two beautiful children. Unless you are also ready, take no chances. The behavior of the female body is mysterious and thus not predictable.

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Of course, the same could be said of the female mind.

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Uberbatman only knows this answer because I told him. Haha, girl friends are good for something.

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As noted earlier, on average , women ovulate between periods, often on the 14th day of their cycle. But ovulation can occur at any time during the cycle. There are subtle signs of ovulation that help some women to know when they are ovulating—a slight raise in body temperature, change in vaginal mucus, increased sexual desire. To be slightly more explicit, vaginal mucus changes to become more “sticky” during ovulation. If you were to put it between two fingers, you would find that during ovulation you can sometimes stretch the mucus strand between two fingers for an inch or two without breaking it. Your cervix also sometimes changes shape and position, but this would probably be much easier for an ob-gyn to notice than for you to be able to note the difference in your own cervix.

It’s important to note that these signs are subtle and should not be used as birth control. Approximating your ovulation dates are more helpful in showing you when you are most fertile to try to conceive if you want to have a child, rather than showing you when to avoid having sex if you don’t want a child. I have a friend who measured her body temperature and other signs to track when she was ovulating, and used this (also known as The Rhythm Method) as a form of birth control. Even though she was diligent about tracking her patterns, and was fairly certain she could tell when she was ovulating, she got pregnant accidentally. Other people I know have used this method in order to try to conceive at the right time, with success. If you have other questions, your gynocologist or nurse-midwife can help answer them.

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My understanding is about 10 days before menstruation. I can actually tell because I have epilepsy related to changing hormone levels and a grand mal seizure at that time of the month, every month. For this reason, I have learned to listen to my body carefully. I can actually feel changes in that region and in my mind and body due to our amazing makeup. Every individual is unique, and the number of days can vary vastly. Listen to your body.

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