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If someone had a full regular period after taking the two Plan B pills, that means she is not pregnant?

Asked by ladyv900 (713points) November 11th, 2010

What if she took the two pills(says to take 2 doses in different time frames on box,was almost $50 too) very early before the 72 hours.Took it early right away because on the first day had short unprotected sex and the partner claimed that he pulled out. Next, noticed spotting but the box said it’s normal to spot when the pill was taken. Then after a few weeks, got a heavy menstrual period in just only 4 days even though the last normal period cyclewas like 6 weeks ago in October.

If that occured does that mean she isn’t pregnant at all and the Plan B was very effective or is it still necessary to wait to see what happens to notice any pregnancy symptons and take a home pregnancy test?

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She should see a doctor, just to rule out any medical problems.

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Most likely she is not pregnant, however there’s alway freak inccidents. Ever seen the show ” I didn’t know I was pregnant?” I agree with @YARNLADY , it will ease the mind if nothing else.

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sounds like time to go buy a home pregnancy test. Especially along with your other question about morning sickness. Every woman experiences pregnancy differently; many women experience different pregnancies differently. Get a couple home tests, take them 48 hours apart. If the woman is still concerned, go to a clinic and see a doctor.

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If money is an issue, she can go to a women’s health clinic. I think she needs to see a doctor to be sure. Women’s health clinics are anywhere from free of charge to a sliding scale based on income.

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Not a professional, but in my experience if you have a full period you’re probably in the clear. If you’re that nervous get a pregnancy test or go to a clinic and check.

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Sounds like not pregnant. She could take a pregnancy test if she is very paranoid. If she does not get a regular period next month she must see a doctor.

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Take a prego test! If the precautions you took did not “take” then you need to be prepared to cope with genetic defects that probably will occur.

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There won’t be any genetic defects if you are pregnant, don’t listen to that bullshit.

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