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How can I back up spore when I reset my PC?

Asked by XOIIO (18118points) November 12th, 2010

If you saw the answer to my previous question, I figured out how to back up all my files so when I reset my PC I can transfer them back, but what do I need to backup so I will have my Spore creations and games when I reinstall it?

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That’s going to require figuring out where on your system Spore saves its data, and in what file-type.

Try this;
1) make a new species in Spore, then save it as “I’m A Tester!”
2) go into My Computer, then into your Program Files which I believe with be in the C drive
3) find the folder that Spore created for saving its data
4) try to locate the file now named “I’m A Tester”

Whatever type of file that is, that’s the stuff you’re going to want to save when you run your wipe.

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Assuming you have a PC I beleive the files are in My Documents. Go to my Document then to games (or my games or something like that) within it there should be a folder called spore. Copy that entire folder, put it on a flashdrive/disk etc. Then, when you install spore again somewhere else copy the backup folder in to the my games folder. When winodws asks if you want to replace say yes.

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I guess you didn’t read the other question

I’m using the recovery manager because The logon screen doesn’t work and the hard disk test failed, and I’m not sure if it will backup all of my stuff, or just program files.

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