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Medical cannabis v conventional drugs?

Asked by hemp_oil (17points) November 13th, 2010

If you were to have an incurable untreatable condition that it didn’t kills you but got worse over time and gave you chronic pain everyday and the alternative to cannabis (which is illegal in most countries) was morphine (which is regularly available on prescription legally) keeping in mind that both drugs are regulated a on schedules and classifications which put cannabis as a class B and morphine as a class A which would you opt to take keeping in mind the adverse reaction and after affects of both….... what would we base our decisions on would we look at the legality side of it? or adverse reactions and after affects?

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I’d take whatever the doctor told me to take as he or she is the one with the diploma. Morphene is class A for a reason, it’s very strong. If the doctor says I need morphene, chances are that weed just wont help me at all, and if i substitute morphene for weed based on my own self diagnosis, i’m going to end up in a world of pain.

I’m smoking some weed right now, I know weed, i have a lot of experience with it, from sativa to indica, from light to strong, its no miracle drug or excellent pain killer. Sure, weed may help take away the sick feeling of chemotherapy or the ache of arthritis, but its no substitute for morphene, weed wont even take away the pain of a tooth ache, much less the pain of say surgery or a car accident.

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@poisonedantidote i know weed 2 ive been using it for over 20 years and my drs do say that weed is better than morphine well mine do as i also have letters stating this and reg pain relief well it does work as at least on cannabis im able to do as much or as little as it may allows me to do and with morphine im like a zombie who throws up all the time and it makes me more ill than what i already am.

thanks for replying

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I don’t smoke the mary-ju-wanna, don’t want to, have no interest in it at all, and yet I still can’t figure out why it’s illegal. If I were given a choice of pot or morphine for medical reasons I’d have to go with the pot.

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thank you @mrentropy for your reply that is exacly what i am doing cannabis dont have to b just smoked you can use it as herbal medicine in tea food butter cream etc….....

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You can also have your doctor prescribe THC in a pill called Marinol. You can’t control the dosage in the same way you can with using it as you described (in food, etc), but it is an alternative that can help folks worried about the legal ramifications. Typically, it is used as an appetite stimulant and not for pain per se.

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@Kayak8 thanks for that and thak u for replying will look into it

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IMO you could medicate for your needs on pot for very long times if not indefinitely but Morphine side effects on the other hand for long term usage could be very problematic. If I had to take pot though, I’d probably eat it….put it in my oatmeal or of course chocolate brownies! YUM

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@Kayak8 looked into it and in the uk there is no legal way a physician can prescribe Marinol please let me know if any one finds a different review

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Curious, it is legal in the US but the manufacturer may not have tried to distribute in the UK due to different laws there. I just found this article about dronabinol (chemical name) that says:

Dronabinol does not have a product licence in the UK but can be imported and prescribed on a named patient basis.

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I have smoked a lot of weed. Which is going to seem strange since it makes me fucking paranoid and toilet paper (bog roll) always feels wet. I would probably test morphine and see what fit best for me. I have never tried morphine so I can’t honestly compare.

And it would depend. How long will it take to die? If it is six months I don’t really care. Load me up with whatever gets me into video games again.

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Alberta allows medical marijuana and the patients I have given it to, say it doesn’t work. We’ve also given the pills with the same reaction. I take morphine and find I feel brighter, more alert. Maybe it’s because the pain goes away. And for sure morphine isn’t for everyone.

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You have to research all the known side effects for each and then make a decision about which you are willing to accomodate into your life. No one else can make that decision for someone.

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thanks all ive been on morphine for 4 years on and off and ive been taking cannabis for 20 so….. i prefer cannabis as it dont make me feel like a zombie where as morphine makes me throw up and makes me more ill than i already am im not dying just living with chronic pain for the rest of my life while the nerves in my body r destroying the muscles and they r destroying the bones. but you know ill just stick with cannabis

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@Kayak8 the problem is marinol only has THC not the myriad of other compounds found in marijuana that act as precursors and give more pain relief.

Ive tried marinol, it does nothing for the pain compared to the real thing.

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