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How do u make a guy fall in love with you because you are really in love with him? What attracts him the most?

Asked by love408 (147points) April 4th, 2008


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See sibling from you..

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you can not make someone love you ever.

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I agree with ppcakes. And if you do, it’s not real. It’s gotta happen naturally.

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listen to Bonnie Raitt “I can’t make you love me” hear the desperation in her voice, its a powerful, insightful , incredible song.

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Just move on find a another to love

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Read How to Succeed with Men by Louis and Copeland and follow about 20% of their recommendations (or more).

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Just get to know them as yourself, and be open to things going the way you’d like them to, and see what happens.

@joevip: What? love408 will then want your advice again, and move on to find another, and move on…

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People are really complex. We all have different fingerprints and we are all attracted to different things. Therefore, there isn’t a magic formula everyone can follow to ensure that someone will fall for us.

My advice:
1: Be yourself.. Do you want to be something you aren’t for the duration of your relationship?
2: Maybe he likes you and is too shy to let you know. You might need to make the first move.
3: And it isn’t love you are feeling.

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you can’t make someone love you, people make their own decisions. if something like that does happy it wont be true love, you will just be forcing love.

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he isn’t worth it if you want to “make him fall in love with you”.

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Making someone “fall in love with you” is akin to making a tone-deaf person sing opera well, making my 93 yr old mother learn to use a computer, or teaching me how to write code. In two words, im possible.

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You can’t make someone fall in love with you. It’s either there, or it isn’t, and if it isn’t there, you need to move on.

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well babe girl sometimes if you find a new friend the one you really love will come to that have happen to me couple of times!!!!

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