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Which do you prefer, deep sea fishing, or river and stream fly fishing?

Asked by truecomedian (3937points) November 13th, 2010

I was thinking about going deep sea fishing soon and I’m not an avid fisherman. I’m a guy that gets stuck on Fluther at 3:35 in the morning. I was wondering if anyone has done this, gone out into the ocean to fish, and was it fun, did you catch anything??

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I love deep sea fishing. It is great fun.

I have caught fish. Usually, the captain works very hard to ensure you encounter fish.

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I think you should try it!
I have never gone deep sea fishing.It sounds fun,though.I have fished freshwater lakes,rivers and streams and I like that very much.My brother fly fishes.I just need to get him to teach me. :)

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I was lucky and fortunate. my son paid both our ways for an unforgettable fishing trip to the State of Alaska. once you have fished in Alaska, everything else is second-rate. there is nothing like the thrill of seeing 2–3,000 salmon swimming your way. one is the leader and the only tailfin you will see. they are so hungry, they will bite anything. we caught our allotment in less than an hour. the key is to keep the largest caught salmon and throw another smaller fish back into the ocean.

I know that you may never have this once in a lifetime opportunity as i did. the next best choice is deep sea fishing. if you get seasick easily, be sure to take the proper medication, before you leave your house to go fishing. if not, barfing up will ruin your trip.

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Yeah I want to try fly fishing, something about not having to use any bait appeals to me.
I have a sailors blood in my veins so no worries on getting sick. My grandpa used to take me sailing, I love it. Can’t wait to go now, it sounds like it’s going to be fun. Good tip about throwing back the smaller ones, I’ll keep that in mind. Alaska, don’t they have like 1000 pound halibut there, that must have been awesome. I know I sometimes give odd answers but not with you, you have my respect.

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@Me too! I’d like to tie my own flies.

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Go deep sea fishing or where ever you go put up the cash to have a guide take you. Well worth the investment for that one memorable catch em till your arms can’t take it anymore. Best part of deep sea is you never know what you are gonna get. Taking on a 54” Yellow Fin Tuna was one of the best battles I have ever had and they taste incredible right out of the sea!

Fly fishing is my favorite way to fish….you are so connected with the water and the elements and there is no bigger thrill when a fish hits the fly!

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I wouldn’t really compare them. I prefer fly fishing, because I love the woods and wading in mountain streams and the peace and quiet. Deep sea fishing is so different, with boats and motors and crew. Whole different game, and I bet you will have a great time!

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I prefer deep sea fishing, or ocean fishing whether it be deep sea, right off the coast or off a pier…I’ve only lived by beaches and never been to a really good lake or river where I have caught anything.

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I partake in all three, I was at one time a hardcore coarse fisherman and I do a spot of fly fishing every now and again but I now have the sea fishing bug, mainly in the form of wreck fishing.
I advise you go! If you get with a “right crowd” it’ll be a day you never forget!

Which sea will you be fishing in?

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@Mat74UK In the pacific to be specific. During a vacation to Maui, don’t know what kind of fish are out there, but I enjoy surprises, who doesn’t.

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I never tried deep sea fishing. I always preferred regular bait fishing in ponds, lakes and rivers over fly fishing. Fly fishing in rapid moving water is fun but challenging (at least for me).

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