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Which Prince albums are worth owning?

Asked by christybird (813points) April 4th, 2008

There are some obvious ones: 1999, Purple Rain, 3121, the symbol album where he changed his name to an unpronounceable glyph. But he has a very large “oeuvre” and I know some of his albums are just stinkers, especially when he was pouting about his Warner Bros. contract.
Prince haters: Do not snarkily respond: “none!” to this question. If U R blind 2 The Purple One’s genius, please go elsewhere.

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Dirty Mind, of course!

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Sign O’ the Times and the Black Album, both on vinyl if possible! Prince in his prime both with and w/out the Revolution.


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I just have to first say I love what you put under topics! I agree with sndfreQ 100%. Prince is pure genius and still prettily sexy!

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the original bootlegged, raw “Black album”. First leaked in the late 80’s, released over 15 years later in it’s final edited version. It’s worth digging around for.

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I second “Dirty Mind” – my favorite of the great Purple One’s not already mentioned in your question… also check out “Controversy” and “Around the World in a Day” ... enjoy the wonders of Prince Rogers Nelson!

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His 2001 concept album The Rainbow Children is totally weird and totally awesome.

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Parade is kind of fun. It’s always the non-hits on a Prince album that are the best.

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@Megan64: ”..._vous etes tres belle mama girls n’ boys.” Classic! Forgot about that album-tops!

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@sndfreQ Exactly.

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