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Would this work to get files from my computer?

Asked by XOIIO (18259points) November 14th, 2010

F some reason it seems like Acronis won’t be able to clone my hard drive. Would adding the 1TB external drive to the system with Acronis, then putting a backup of certain files on the 1TB drive, then taking it to another computer and extracting the files work, and if so, how would I extract the files?

If not, is there some way to use a program that boots from cd to copy specific files to a flash drive? I just need a way to copy some of the files from my PC and then I can do a restore.

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I would use an Ubuntu bootable CD or Ultimate Boot CD for Windows

The Ubuntu CD is easier if you don’t mind working in Linux.

The UBCD takes some fussing around to create, you need a Windows install CD, but when it’s done you are running Windows.

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How would I be able to copy my files from the windows OS with an ubuntu bootable CD?

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Ubuntu (and most forms of Linux) can read and write to FAT, FAT32, and NTFS (the major formats used my Windoze) so there should be no problem copying your stuff.

Personally, I prefer to use Universal USB Installer to create a thumb drive copy of Parted Magic as I find it to be far more useful than Ubuntu or UBCD, just as a Leatherman is more useful than a pen-knife.

For your purposes, PM may be useful as it contains Clonezilla

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Cool, I’ll give those a try after Acronis finishes.

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I’m going to make a CD version of PM so that I can copy to my USB drive.

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Let us know how it goes!

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PM can work either way, but the creation process is a bit different for the USB version than for the CD (which is a simple ISO—>CD burn), so I would use the Universal Installer to make the PM USB stick.

A side benefit is that UUSBI can also make bootable USB versions of many other Linux distros.

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@jerv THE CD WORKS! I can acess and copy all my files! It will take a while, but then I will have all my stuff and I can do a system restore. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I hope this helps out anyone else who has the same problem.

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uhg, one thing just hit me. I don’t think spore will recognize my game after a new install, I might still be able to clean out the registry, IDK. How would I back up my itunes? I bought all the doctor who episodes and the matrix trilogy.

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I thought all of that was part of your iTunes account and not tied to any particular computer.
Then again, I generally have all of my stuff copied onto two different computers anyways, so I have at least one copy left if either my desktop or laptop go tits-up, so it’s never been a real issue for me.

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Oh yeah, ususially it doesn’t charge you again. right.

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