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I need to reinstall xp, but I don't have the original xp recovery disc, what do i do?

Asked by jdogg (871points) July 25th, 2010

I need to reinstall XP Professional on my desktop, but I do not have the recovery disc for it, however I do have a completely different XP Professional disc that is activated on a friends laptop. Is there any way I can either create a new recovery disc with my desktops xp, or somehow use my friends cd to reinstall it. Note: my desktop is also running SP3 and my friends disc is a SP1.

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The disk that came with the computer is matched to the motherboard to prevent fraud, if your not ready for windows 7 and anew computer then you need to contact the manufacturer for a duplicate disk. If that doesn’t work then it might be time for a replacement system tower as everything else might work fine, talk to someone knowledgeable in your local area.

Always know where that disc is in the future!

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you can use other recovery disc, it’s ok.

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ive tried the other disc and when i activate it, it works but, as soon as i get on the internet it says i already have it installed on another computer (which i do) with the same product key

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and then it deactivates it

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@jdogg Even though you have the same number used (wrongly) on your second machine, you should be able to run the repair function from the disk and reload your activation key.

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II’ve had to call MS Support several times to reinstall Office—maybe they can help you with this issue, esp. since you have a recovery disk. Worth a try.

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There are other ways to get XP. THE worst thing you can do is PIRATE it though. Also, I like to visit the chesapeake BAY.

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hungerforpizza lmfao, thanks but i finally figured it out, just install the other disc, then request to change the product key with the correct one! it worked :)

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As long as it worked out, I’m happy for you.

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You can find plenty of retail versios of Windows XP Home and Windows XP Pro on the popular auction sites. Be sure they include the product key.

You can also find some brands of restore disks. Only buy a restore disk for for the brand of computer you want to restore. Be sure it has the right version of Windows and the right service pack.

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