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Asked by annaott22 (516points) April 4th, 2008

There have been questions about car repossession and I’ve answered all of them giving advice well the newest update on my repossession is: they repossessed it, then sold it, then billed me 12,000 for the difference and now they are trying to collect. So we’ve made a deal! they knocked down the amount owed to 3,200. YAY! So if you are wondering about repossession. This might help!

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Wow. Good for you! I’m glad to hear that. I’m curious though, how did you do it? That’s a huge difference.

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dang repos suck good you negotiated down most banks would rather get something than nothing at all

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we just called and boom they said 3200

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That is awesome. I’m glad that happened for you. :)

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me too and the repossession won’t be on by credit!

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