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Is caffeine addiction serious?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7892points) November 15th, 2010

Is it as serious as other drug addictions? Does it have the same consequences?

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No. It can cause irregular heartbeat:

“Larger doses of caffeine, especially when given to non-users, can produce headache, jitteriness, abnormally rapid heartbeat (tachycardia), convulsions, and even delirium. Near-fatal doses cause a crisis resembling the state of a diabetic without insulin, including high levels of blood sugar and the appearance of acetone-like substances in urine. The lowest known dose fatal to an adult has been 3,200 mg – administered intravenously by accident. The fatal oral dose is in excess of 5,000 mg – the equivalent of 40 strong cups of coffee taken in a very short space of time. ” Source

Not many people, even caffeine addicts are going to drink 40 cups of strong coffee.

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My head and neck hurt something awful if I forget to have coffee in the morning.

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@marinelife covered the consequences pretty well. Caffeine is very addictive. Many people find when trying to quit or not having their normal caffeine for the day, that they experience several different symptoms, most commonly headaches. Also, while drinking 40 cups of coffee seems like a lot, there are other forms of caffeine to look out for, such as pills for keeping you (general you) awake and diet pills. While most of the pills don’t have a high amount of caffeine, it’s the overuse of them and combination of them and other caffeine containing substances that can add up and be harmful.

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I don’t consider it serious. I stopped drinking coffee for a few days and had a headache, not an unbearable one, for a couple days then it stopped. I was fine. How many years have people been drinking coffee?
If you want to talk serious , as in dangerous, look at diet soda and aspartame poisoning.

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It can kill you. I’m not talking in coffee form or anything like that, but caffeine abuse is just as if not more dangerous than other drugs.

As for when it comes to coffee and red bull, i think the amounts are too small to do anything too serious.

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caffeine, while kind of dangerous thanks to the things like the irregular heartbeat, is less concerning than the things its usually in. Coffee and pop can be very bad for you (especially pop).

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I recently traded in lattes for Earl Grey. Perhaps that reduces my caffeine intake. Although, I did not drink any caffeinated stuff over the weekend, and I didn’t get a headache, but a neck ache. Maybe that had to do with the way I was sitting, though.

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Generally, I don’t think it is serious, but I do think it is very addictive. Withdrawal from it sucks. I always say, if you drink it, drink it, don’t constantly put your body through withdrawal, and be aware of your addiction.

Being free of caffeine addiction can be great. Easier to wake up in the morning, and for some they feel more calm overall.

I do think excessive caffeine is bad, but a couple of cups of coffee, or a few glasses of soda is no big deal for most people.

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Here are some answers from previous caffeine addiction questions: One month ago and April 3

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It’s controversial whether caffeine is a true addiction. And even if it were, the seriousness is tiny compared to alcoholism, heroin or meth addiction.

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