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What is your non-addictive addiction?

Asked by dubsrayboo (2574points) March 18th, 2011

Mine is gum. Must have my gum. It’s technically not addictive, but I can’t live without it.

What is yours? Soda doesn’t count because most sodas contain caffeine and that is addictive.

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Lip balm. I must wear “Burt’s Bees” from the tin tub every night.

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At this point in time it is jellybeans.

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Gourmet Lollipops, Wild Cherry. 50 cents each.

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I don’t get it. How can it be non-addictive if it is an addiction?
Not trying to be a wise ass. Just curious

SpatzieLover's avatar

@Michael_Huntington think of it as a non-chemical addiction…more like something you can’t live/sleep/do without…like a kid and their blankie

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Music! I must listen to some music on purpose every day.

coffeenut's avatar

The vitamin C in cigarettes, and the Tiger Blood in my coffee

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Maybe gambling. A nice pasttime and a good way to get you some “tax-free income”.

cockswain's avatar

pizza and sports

KateTheGreat's avatar

Jellybeans, opera music, and Greek salad.

XOIIO's avatar

Fluther and Lurve.

I’m joining Lurvaholics anonymous soon

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Gilmore Girls. It’s my happy place.

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horse racing in KY and jockeys
and my dog

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Just looking at my steam profile I’ve played 34.4 hours of video games the last 2 weeks. Which is weird because I only played 2 hours the 2 weeks before.

So I guess I can quit anytime I want.

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Washing my hands, my computer, and music for sure.

stardust's avatar

Dolly mixture

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Cheese. I am normally very cheap when it comes to food shopping I’m that customer who stands in the aisle figuring out how much I’m paying per ounce but I will shell out the cash for a nice cheese. Currently, I have been devouring goat cheese by the handful and that is some expensive but absolutely heavenly cheese.

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Books, I can barely pee without a book to read!

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@KatawaGrey Yum…goat cheese is wonderful!

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Physical exercise (a healthy addiction)

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Watching re-runs of The Nanny

Shopping (or even just looking at junk, shoes and books) at thrift stores

Eating bean burritos

Kissing my cat’s tummy and singing to him

Watching fan vids of Alan Rickman, and The Nanny

Looking up recipes online (This week: cream of mushroom soup without any cream, asian slaw, low fat macaroni and cheese, hot and sour soup, blueberry pie and chocolate chip and oatmeal and cranberry cookies)

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This friggin’ website.

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Gotta have my meatsticks, man.

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My harmonica.

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Tic Tacs. Only the white ones will do. They took the place of cigarettes for me eight years ago.

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the three free games on my phone, Yahtzee 374 points out of a maximum of 400, Rapid Roll 4004 points, and Snake Xenzia 1000 or so points.

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Angry Birds

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@SpatzieLover: I just ordered this for my cousin.

SpatzieLover's avatar

@KatawaGrey lol4r…That’s hilarious. I may need one to wear when I garden! ;P

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