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How to implement a JavaScript code that doing "Set as my Home Page" in Google Chrome?

Asked by Ranimi23 (1911points) November 15th, 2010

I mean, when user click on the link in Chrome it will make that website his default one. I’m looking for code in JavaScript that will work in Google Chrome.

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So, you’re saying the JavaScript code for doing this works in IE and Firefox, but not Chrome? That’s weird. Let me see if I can find a script for you.

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Okay, found this thread about it:

Basically, it’s a security issue and is no longer in use. IE 7 discontinued it and Firefox and Chrome never have supported it. Someone could maliciously reset visitor’s homepage using this script upon loading the site.

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What I would do is just simply put the directions on how to set your site as their homepage.

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10x, What about adding the site toFavorites?
Is this also forbidden?

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I don’t think it’s forbidden, but is highly unused in today’s programming. It’s extremely simple quickly add any site to your favorites such as: Ctrl + D.

If I find a way to code it for Chrome, I’ll let you know.

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