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Do guys prefer skinny or a little curvy?

Asked by guitargirl93 (400points) November 17th, 2010

I’ve heard different things from guys.

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Guys don’t really like skinny. A little, or a little more than a little curvy is more natural and is perfect. Where this skinny is beautiful idea came from I don’t know unless it is to make women resemble clothes hangers.

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Honestly for me it depends on the person. I think maybe a few years ago I would have cared, but now if I meet someone who is skinny and shes cool great.. if shes got some curves and shes cool… even better :)

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Hmmm…everyone has different preferences…how about scurvy? XD

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Hey, scurvy sounds good, damn good.

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@Adirondackwannabe : Silly me, I just ate an orange. Damn.

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I could get myself in all kinds of trouble with the answers bouncing around in my head. :)
@guitargirl93 I prefer curves. Those victoria secret models look like they’ve been starving for months. How healthy is that?

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@Adirondackwannabe yeah I’m glad you think that super skinny isn’t sexy

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Curvy…..tits & bum says it all really. Me no like stick insects :¬(

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@guitargirl93 Actually without intending to I hit on what’s most important to me: the healthy look. Whatever that is.

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It’s a well-known fact that guys prefer triangulation!

Don’t ask me what that means, but you can be sure that I speak for all guys on the earth (except jellies). I personally guarantee it.

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I think the trouble is…what a man deems curvy might not necessarily what a women deems as curvy… I’m an English size 16 (curvy in my book) and I’m pretty sure most men find that too curvy… I’d love to be proved wrong…

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@nebule That’s fine by me.

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That’s like asking if women prefer a guy who is thin or muscled. Depends on the woman.

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“Hmmm…everyone has different preferences…how about scurvy? XD”

It’s been about 5 minutes since I’ve read that and I’m still laughing.

For me, I like some curves (lady who likes the ladies), yet, toned.

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Well being the curvy chick I am. I would say MOST men enjoy curvy… The others ones enjoy it but will never admit it!!!
I’m no man but I do appreciate beauty and to me most of the women I find beautiful are VERY curvy… Gotta love the curves, it’s just so much more sensual, sexual and appealing than bones protruding everywhere.

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Since I have a huge fetish for both pin-ups (which are traditionally curvy) and flapper girls (who are typically spritely thin) I will gladly take both, please.

What I don’t like, however, is when women list their body type as “curvy” on dating sites, and they are actually 400 lbs.

If I had to choose, though, I’d pick curvy. To further illustrate, I’d pick the girl in the middle or the girl on the right before the girl on the left.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I’d take the girl on the right with about 50 more pounds, Yum Yum!

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I will say curvy. Too skinny and you have nothing to hold on to. You won’t feel their hugs or anything. Real women have a little meat on them. Sometimes women who are too skinny can be so selfish and snotty. They think they are gorgeous and act like they deserve the world for it. Skinny is good but not a skeleton with skin. I think athletic women are hot and they arent bony.

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I have a wee crush on @lucillelucillelucille. So funny!

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You answered your own question…...Any type of body you can think of, someone likes it.

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I’m with @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard, as usual. To me curvy and overweight/obese are not synonymous. Just to throw in my 2 cents, I find the woman on the right the most appealing, personally.

So, I don’t think that curvy and skinny are necessarily two different things. A woman can be very slender, and still have a curvaceous measurements. A woman can also be significantly larger and still be curvy. Curvy is about shape, not so much size. Skinny is about size and not so much shape. They don’t contradict one another.

Now, as a woman, I know that many of us try to feel better about our bodies (namely our hips, butts, thighs, stomachs and breasts) by rationalizing that men are supposed to like these things. And, I believe that most men do. Individual preferences will vary, but, most men do like curves. However, if we are talking about “curvy” which has become the popular word to replace “significantly overweight”... then we are just fooling ourselves. Certainly there are plenty of people out there in the world that appreciate a more rounded figure, but if that were the norm… we wouldn’t be so worried about it. Biologically men are most attracted to a hip to waist ratio of 0.7 or less (I think, I might have to look that up)... and the more you pack on excess weight or drop excess weight, the more that ratio shrinks. Scientifically speaking, we’re all looking for a healthy mate.

Again, at the same time, it just depends on the person.

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Context is also important.

I like woman with curly hair to be really curvy but women with short hair to be only half as curvy. You need the basic shapes to attract a man though, sorry.

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You can ask 100 guys this question and get 100 different opinions on what constitutes skinny or curvy.

For me, it’s not about absolute weight, it’s about health. I have seen some skinny girls that are totally unappealing because they look like they are recovering from a long bout with a life threatening illness and I have seen women who would be considered quite full figured that are very attractive because they are healthy in both body and attitude.

As for my personal tastes, I definitely lean toward athletic women with brains.

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Lean and mean for me!! ;)

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To me this is curvy, and this is scary thin.

Though I am a female that likes my man, I can appreciate the female body. The curvy I chose is most appealing to me.

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Different people have different opinions. I prefer curvy.

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I could go either way.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I would take the women in the middle and right as well. They have all the physical appearences I love.

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I’ll take a wide range, though my tolerance for underweight is less than my tolerance for overweight.

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It really depends some guys like skinny, some guys like curves, come guys like chubby, etc.

I’ve known guys who like skinny girls because when they do the deed they feel more dominant since they feel like they could break little miss skinny.

Personally, I prefer curves but I dabbled a bit in the skinny end and a little in the chubby or “thick” end.

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So, you’ve asked guys this question and in response you’ve “heard different things” from them.

Why is that, do you think?

Maybe because different guys like different things?

Tell me, do guys prefer living in high rise condo apartments downtown, or in stand-alone houses in the suburbs?

Do guys prefer white iPods or black iPods?

Do guys prefer rice or noodles??

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@nicobanks screw iPod, its all about the Zune. lol

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I prefer them fat and curvy. What a babe…...

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@nicobanks I just wanted to get people’s opinions…no need to get smart.

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I can say as a women my personal preference in men is bigger and stockier builds.

A mans hipbones grinding into my curves is not a good sensation. lol

I prefer men that are about 20 lbs. heavier than the perfect height/weight standards.

Big guys and petite me is a winning combo! lol

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What’s it mean if I thought all three of fiddle’s women were smoking hot?

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It means your testosterone levels are holding their own.

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@Blackberry That is a beautiful size… Nikki is a true BBW!

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@jonsblond Those skinny girls are so skinny it makes them look deformed, like their head is too big for their body.

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@jonsblond I prefer not to date women with eating disorders lol. I love food too much to force out of my stomach and the woman I would date should feel the same!

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I prefer skinny guys.

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If I could have skinny and curvy volunteers to spend time with I can make a better judgement.

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I definately prefer tall chunkier guys. Not flabby, but muscley arms and legs. I feel skinny guys can’t protect me!

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Skinny or curvy are both sexy, in different ways. And i’m not saying that as an egalatarian. I’m saying that as a male who is going by his animal instincts.

Although attractiveness is important… the specifics of being skinny or fat are not anywhere near as important as an enjoyable drama-free personality.

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If I could get the skinny woman next to the curvy one I could have the letter ‘B’

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Based on my past attraction I prefer an area between skinny and curvy, but so long as the person in question isn’t extremely fat or thin it’s not particularly relevant. Different people suit different shapes. And other different people prefer different people with certain shapes. There are simply far too many variables to make a generalisation outside of, “extremes are generally frowned upon”.

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Some people wear their weight better than others. Personally I prefer curvy and slightly overweight women compared to thinner ones. Not too overweight or lazy however, people should take care of themselves to some degree.

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50 more pounds? Mm.

May I join you?

Big girls with beautiful features make me get all swoony.

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I’m a girl, but I’ve never heard a guy say they’d rather have an anorexic girlfriend, over a chubby girlfriend. But me personally, I prefer the skinnier types. I’m not a fan of body fat, on me or other people. I don’t dislike chubby/normal sized people because of this, but I do prefer skinnier people when it comes to dating.

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