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Do you ever think that someone out there considers you "the one that got away"?

Asked by Emilyy (2133points) April 11th, 2008

And is it totally self-centered to wonder?

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I’m more the bullet that was dodged.

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sometimes i think of myself as the guy that no one wants…until i get a confidence boost or am too busy doing other things to worry about that sort of thing.

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I guess, considering I have ex’s that still call on occasion, and believe me, my wife loves those calls! I will usually let her answer unknown numbers, and then it’s a stutter-fest or a dial-tone!

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@bulb: just how many ex’s are there?

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Many ex-girlfriends but only one wife!

I would like to add that I never think of these girls, and don’t consider myself “The one that got away”! Usually letting the wife answer, gives them the hint!

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Yes. They are misguided.

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I like to think that every woman I’ve ever dated thinks that. Why bog down a wonderful thought like that with minor little details like being true :p.

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Well, gorilla, if your avatar is evidence, you are clearly right; )

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Wonder? What’s to wonder? Guys come up to me in the grocery store
several times a year, nice guys I always thought it would be okay to get
to know better, and they tell me “I never meant to tell you this, but you
know I had this incredible crush on you for years, and, well, now you know,
gulp.” All the time.

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I’m gonna have to go with @MrKnowItAll on this one.

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I think there is probably 1 or 2 ex boyfriends that consider me the one who got away and there is an ex-husband that is relieved that he got away!

It probably is self-centered to wonder but it’s just too delicious to resist from time-to-time. {{giggles}}

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I often feel like zack said earlier. mtl_zack :“sometimes i think of myself as the guy that no one wants…”.....darn my bad luck..

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probably, but I don’t really care.

@susanc wow, all the time?

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No, not ALL the time. I was
stretching a point there. Just, let’s say, enough to make me feel appreciated.

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I wouldnt say the one they got away but more so the “what if guy”

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I don’t think so. It would be nice though. I think there are guys out there who if they seen me might wish they would have asked me out years ago. But I don’t think I ever just cross someone’s mind. I’m not that memorable.

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I used to think I was the one that got away but then I realized I was the one who was saved.

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I know that to quite a few people i’m “the one that was never available…”

b's avatar

Yes. I feel it is not self centered to say that, since I am not the one thinking it.

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I am literally the one that got away. I lived with an abusive idiot in Ohio, and when I left him, I took the first available plane to Florida. He found me twice down there, and 15 years later when I flew back to Ohio for my father’s funeral, a cousin told me that he had been calling her for all those years looking for me. He apparently had been calling everyone in the phone book with the same last name as mine. Since my last name is not a common one, they were all relatives.

I don’t think he knows my married name, but he is still trying. In my paticular case, it’s not being self centered, because I want him to stop.

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Im sorry scamp, that sucks and he seems pretty stalkerish!

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Yeah, he’s really twisted. I had nightmares about him for years. As far as I know, he has no idea where I am now tho.

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@scamp glad to hear you were able to ‘get away” . hopefully he will never be able to locate you again.

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@mrknowitall – hahaha, I agree with you on this one. I’m probably considered the dodged bullet.

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I don’t think it’s wrong to think like that, but I have definitely been there. One of those, it’s too bad that you let me get away cause I could have done you alot of good.
Why would there be anything wrong with thinking that, if anything it just means you have a positive image of yourself.

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Aww, hopefully. Hey don’t you love it when you see an ex whom you haven’t seen for a while and you just know you’re gonna get one of those ‘so how r u’ texts any minute now

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i actually just ran into the guy that let me get away actually, and since then, hes driven past my house a couple times, and has been sending me texts…
too late

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I was engaged when I had been in the Marine Corps only 3 years at that point. I didn’t know what the future held. My fiance wanted to be a missionary right away, she was just finishing up college. While she was away to a mission project in NYC she found another guy that wanted to be a missionary as well. She waited till I arrived back from deployment to let me know that she was interested in him now and was breaking up with me. I received my ring back. Now I am getting ready to finish up my degree and retire from the Marine Corps. They are missionaries in Wonder Valley, California, a little town of 15 people in the middle of the desert. I bet from time to time she at least wonders what it would have been like to be with me, if she should have been faithful to me. I agree with Lunafemme it is a bit self centered to think this way, but it is gratifying and fun every once in a while.

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yes I do believe that someone feels like that….because we always run into each other..sometimes not for years and everytime I see him we laugh and tell eachother everything. When it’s time to go I’ll say bye and he’ll go in for and hug and say “I love ya” then look sad when I leave.

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I’d like to think so….

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ha haa!
and, i’ve all ways been grateful for the things that didn’t work out.
i did most of my maturing/evolution through heartache, and real eyesing why and when i needed to GO.
**its kinda more self-appreciation, than the harsher slant of self-centered thinking. it’s a way that i remember: ho. i’m awesome and damn good lookin’ ; )

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Oh yeah…there’s a few.
Sucks to be them!

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Yes, I had one to look me up about 4 years later and tell me…too late, it didn’t do any good, I had moved on.

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No.I was an asshole to my boyfriends in the past.I feel bad about it now though and have changed.Although my sister feels that my very first b.f was the one that got away from me!
He was a really good guy!

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no, i doubt it. I never dated that much. And I was never in love with any of them; so I doubt they were with me.

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Self centered? Probably not.

Also, I’m not a very good catch.

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Periodically I get a call from him. He checked in last night to remind me to look at
Venus, Jupiter and the moon. He can’t seem to take “no” for an answer. (He’s 71 and delusional, I think.)

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No. To my knowledge no one has ever felt that strongly about me.

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An ex-girlfriend once got in touch with me after several years of no communication. I thought it odd but casually asked how she was doing etc. I later found out that she was weeks away from getting married at the time. Of course, I had moved on long before this encounter. I haven’t heard from her since and truly hope she is happily married. Just a case of pre-wedding jitters or cold feet, I guess.

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oh well they had the chance to meet you and blew it they will get over it

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I hope so! i’ve been in ‘unrequited’ love and hope that someone, out there, feels the same way about me, and i just dont know it!
P.S all my ex’s always try to contact me? Maybe i am! ;) hehehe

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Sounds to me, more of a “hard up” line. Example: Let’s say I am not dating someone, so what would be a good line to use on an easier subject. Like ex. girlfriend. Or, someone I happen to bump into that have not seen for a long time. Hmmmm. “Hey baby, you know, I cant believe I let you get away.” That is why you never throw out the little black book.

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Yes, and he didnt get promoted to Captain, either.

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I can only hope there is at least one guy I dated in the past that thinks to himself now “I really screwed that up. How could I let such a great girl get away?” I don’t consider it self-centered at all. It’s human nature to wonder.

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oh yea dfntly lol.. and i think i just added another to my list lol

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^^Aha; A way to avoid misspelling “definitely”...“dfntly” will be added to my hit list.

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I think there is one person who would consider me the one that got away and he would be completely right, I was the one that got away and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

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I just heard from a girl I went to high school with, who said she had a big crush on me back in the day. Wtf? Why didn’t she say anything? She was cute.

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My 2nd ex-wife (the one that cheated on me when I was in Iraq) keeps telling me that she is in love with me and that if I have marital problems she will be there for me…pardon my french..what an issue ridden bitch! I CC my wife on all emails with her to protect myself in case she gets more divisive. The only reason I correspond with her is to finish settling our property arrangement from our divorce.

I kept hoping she would turn into my soul mate, and she kept showing herself to be a traitorous skank.

I know that this is a bit more colorful dialect than I normally use, but I have chosen my words carefully to accurately paint the picture of who she is.

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I think my ex thought of me like that for a while until he met someone else. Now I think he’s relieved that’s he’s dodged this bullet

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Excepting my ex husband and my most recent ex bf, all relationships in between have told me out loud that’s how they feel. My goal is to be with someone who doesn’t end up on that side of the fence. I’d like to think I’ve got that type of someone now.

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No, they’d be more stupid than I am.

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first of all, love the avatar. made me laugh. no it is not at all selfish to wonder that! yeah i know that someone things that. i met him through my cousin, and he lives a state over. whenever i visit she always reminds me how he still asks about me, even though i made it clear he was truly creeping me out haha. it was not a mutual relationship at all so i dont even know if this counts =]

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Some one? They all do!

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Gee, I hope not. That would suck for them because I’m OVER it! I hope to never have those feelings about someone else, either… it seems like it’d be painful to always wonder if you missed something great.

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Yes…..and then I had dinner with her after many years and realized I had dodged a bullet.

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of course, everyone has one, but usually there is a REASON they got away.. a.k.a they weren’t right for you i.e. they are more of a ‘dodged bullet’.
we can all wonder but for most of us we never EVER act, either because the opportunity doesn’t present itself or we are smart enough to leave the past in the past.

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Gosh…I hope so. :)

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yes I often think that. for some reason I find that the women that I date say alot of the same things….then I think to myself….“where have I heard that befor”

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My first (i.e. ex) wife, with whom I haven’t had any contact in about two decades, recently friended me on facebook out of the blue, then she quickly got chummy with my sister and my niece and….
Not sure what to make of that. Trying to play it cautious, short of unfriending her.

A long-term (three years?) girlfriend from my college years (several decades ago) sent a Christmas card with a letter a couple years ago. It was very friendly and told of her parents’ move to another state and what her siblings are up to. I sent a nice letter back saying good to hear from her and including several mentions of my wife (2nd, current) in normal contexts.
Sent her a holiday card the next year but never heard from her again.

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