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Guys, what are your turn ons?

Asked by guitargirl93 (400points) November 24th, 2010

What are some things that you guys personally find as turn ons?

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That’s a pretty broad question. Can you narrow it down a bit?

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I agree , the question is a bit random.
Dark hair/eyes boobs n legs is my superficial answer.

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@FutureMemory how would I narrow it down? it’s pretty self explanatory

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Do you mean personality? Body type?

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@FutureMemory anything whatever personally turns you guys on

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Aside from two X chromosomes, I do enjoy:

Petite bodies, curvaceous asses, artistic inclinations, earthiness, a dreamy quality, manic behavior, the quality of being Zoey Deschanel, raven black hair, red hair, freckles, glasses, tasteful tattoos, monroe piercings, musical talent, poetic talent, small boobs, independence, intellect, and the potential ability to kick my ass.

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Legs, longs legs, smooth legs with really good acoustic blues playing in the back ground while you get to share a tasty cold wheat beer! Let the fun begin! Yum!

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I am not turned on by animals, blood, children, the dead, or excrement. But more or less everything else has done something for me at one time or another.

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and facial hair

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MIlo here; turquoise eyes, copious amounts of white fur, weight ranging from 10 lbs to 12 lbs., luxuriant whiskers, sensitive ears, a voice that ranges from F# to G, sharp fangs and claws, the ability to run really fast and also love of napping..

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Body – Christina Hendricks is basically the ultimate for me. Zenny gets mad props for that one – I never knew she existed til he had her as an avatar a few months ago. There’s just something about big/full breasts and hips that stops me dead in my tracks. Classic hourglass. I also like that she’s not skinny – she looks more like a real woman than most other women in pop culture entertainment/media.

Hair/Face/Eyes/Height – who gives a shit. Hopefully less ugly than me.

Pesonality – sweet, kind, honest, caring, thoughtful, assertive.

Other – smooth skin, hint of perfume.

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Intelligence and big butts.

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Can a girl answer this? If so, then what I like in guys is… Dark hair, dark eyes, charming, sweet, funny, able to play an instrument (piano would be nice), able to hold his own in a conversation, slightly aggressive (not abusive aggression), intelligent, good sense of clothing style, straightforward, affectionate, kind of a bad boy. :P

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Most people say a sense of humor, but I’m gonna have to go with breast size.

So I Married an Axe Murderer

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A creative mind behind an attractive face. Bodies can be altered.

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Bodies do alter over time sigh

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A nice genuine smile, kindness tied in with decent looks.

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Television, computer, light switch…, don’t tell me. Err….stereo system… I win a prize?

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Well, faces can be altered too – Joan Rivers e.g. – but you gotta start somewhere. I like big eyes – like Katy Perry’s.

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@FutureMemory I actually prefer it the other way around lol :P

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I like big butts and I cannot lie…

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For a lady who loves the ladies: Humor.

Followed by smarts, and confidence.

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Appearance: Being slim and tall, I prefer slim women who are small-busted and brunette. Blue or green eyes sounds about right.

Personality: This is of the utmost importance and will trump the above any day. She must be sweet, willing to be open with her feelings, relatively neat, nice to me, and will do something nice for me without having to ask.

Sounds simple enough, right?

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@henry_david I love your description, great answer.

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