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Garage band for windows vista?

Asked by brice0825 (36points) April 5th, 2008

Is there any program similar to Garage band for Windows vista? I really like Garage bands simple design but yet you can still do some hard core music mixing and making on it. If any one could help it would be great..and also hopefully its free…

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Try Fruity Loops, or Sony Acid Pro. On the advanced end of the spectrum, Propellerhead’s Reason…all are good entry-level music production tools. Just remember that good songwriting doesn’t come from tools, but from ideas.

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And none of those programs are so cool and sound so great as GarageBand!

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Band in a Box. Very affordable. Very cool. Lots of third party support.

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I deleted garage band off my mac, took up like 4 GB of sound. I’d have given it to you but I already trashed it :p

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Adobe Audition 3 – one of the best music production tools out there. However its not free. You can always download the demo.

Frankly, I would not recommend using knock-offs of good software. So if you cannot afford the software, you could always download it through torrents.

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@mirza: I agree on the first part, but as an audio professional I vehemently disagree with promoting illegal downloading / pirating of software; in the end it drives up costs for legitimate users and is morally reprehensible. Stealing is stealing, anyone in the entertainment industry would agree, especially those whose ideas and work you have appropriated.

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please, buy a mac, because if you like Garageband and you get involved with GB then you will be willing for more and then you’ll get Logic?

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IMHO Mixcraft 5 is the only real contender as a GarageBand for Vista it looks almost identical and the user interface is really intuitive if you have already used GarageBand, you can even use your garageband loops in it! I found this detailed review which should answer most of the questions about it: Mixcraft 5 Review

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