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Ever had hallucinations like these? Or any kind at all?

Asked by wundayatta (58617points) November 24th, 2010

Outside at night, there is some kind of purple glowing from the edges of buildings, or when driving, it appears around lights or under cars or on other places where it seems like there are sharp edges. No one else can see it, so it seems likely it is an effect of the eyes or the brain. It’s always purple and the same color of purple and when it happens it is all over the place. I’ll be driving along, minding my business, everything normal and then, from on instant to the next, the purple glow is there around the edges of things (not everything). It seems easiest to see out of the corner of my eyes, like with peripheral vision. Perhaps that’s a clue?

Just once, I saw it in green, around my son’s neck. I told him and he looked and said he could see it, too. I doubt it. I was looking straight at him, not with peripheral vision.

Has anyone else had this visual effect? Have you had other kinds of hallucinations? What were they like?

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Nope, never seen anything like that. I get hallucinations when I’m sleep deprived, but they’re usually auditory for the most part. Your case sounds very odd. Is it freaky?

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They don’t hurt. They don’t do anything. But it is kind of freaking me out. I feel like they should mean something. So my mind is going wonky trying to figure it out when surely there is nothing to figure out.

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Hmm. Do you have astigmatism?
I have astigmatism and I see “halos” all the time.

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I heard about this on coast to coast. The purple and the green colours. Only the woman describing it associated it with aliens..

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I have. Unfortunately, it wears off and reality once again sets in. I am being serious, for a change.

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Nothing like that no, I see black cats out the corner of my eye if I go a long time without sleep, and when I was a very young child, if I got sick, movies would skip entire chunks, leaving me with about 3 seconds worth of movie out of the entire hour and a half, almost like it had been put on super fast forward. Anything else I have ever seen has been drug induced.

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Migraine. A common symptom of migraine is visual disturbance. I’ve had it a couple of times, seeing everything in photo negative black and white. Very odd, but really quite common.

Often induced by stress and tension.

All best, W.

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your peripheral vision is not great at seeing detail but is better than your fovea (center of your vision) at seeing brightness. In normal vision there are afterimages that sometimes can look like outlines or halos. I’m not an expert on this, and there are MANY different things that could cause this to happen, but off the top of my head my guess would be you are becoming more photosensitive for whatever reason. This isn’t necessarily a good or bad sign of anything, but it is a symptom. Could be something you are eating. Could be a particular mental state you are experiencing. Could be something more mechanical in your eye… could be nothing.

If you can function with it right now, see if it lasts a couple weeks and if it does you should have your eyes checked. If it’s bothering you significantly you should see an eye doctor right away.

As a side note I have known a few people whom have seen “light orbs” flying around as a result of stress and anxiety (they did see doctors about it). I personally have had the same experience as you many times, but it’s never bugged me and my eyes are fine.

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I’ve been severely tired, and coming down off a good drunk when I thought I seen a 30 foot tall green Bic Lighter beside the highway. :)

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@Symbeline It was actually kinda cool. I was like “WTF”??? Then I wondered how huge the flame would be if I lit it. LOL

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Like @TheOnlyNeffie, I also have astigmatism and see halos around lights… but more rainbow than purple.

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I do have astigmatism. But I’ve had astigmatism for 30 years. Nothing like this ever happened before.

Another thing happened today. I looked at some pictures on the computer screen. They happened to be pictures of the ocean, and to me, it looked like they were moving. No one else saw it.

I think there’s something going, either with how my eyes capture light or now my brain interprets it. It may have something to do with blood pressure medicine, since that makes me woozy when I lean over. Or it might have something to do with my brain meds, since they mess with my brain.

I wonder if it is harmful. It’s not such a bad thing, except for the wooziness. I like seeing the colors, it makes me imagine I can see things other people don’t—not just the colors, I mean. Like maybe it’s a door to other realities—something science fictiony like that. Or maybe it’s something mystical or spiritual. Maybe it’s my brain trying to get my attention. Maybe it’s trying to speak to me.

“Look,” is says, “there is more to see than you thought.”

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wundayatta, yes I have the same thing going on and have for many years. I have never seen the purple light on an individual though and around other lights is rare. I do see them at night underneath cars that are stopped in front of me at red lights and off to the side of the road in dark areas. It’s not every night and definitely not every car but some times are worse than others.
The purple light doesn’t move and it doesn’t sit on the ground. Almost floats like a purple cloud underneath the car… Even when the car is moving.
How frequent do you see them? I only see them about once a month.

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I see them all the time now. I don’t even bother thinking about it. I figure it has something to do with my eyes or my brain and it means I’m getting old and soon won’t be able to drive, or something. I’m having other problems with my eyes, as well. I need to see the eye doc.

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I see shadows in my peripheral vision sometimes. Not all the time but enough that I don’t usually bother to double glance at them. Maybe if you spend a long enough period of time mostly not sleeping it warps your brain? :D

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@wundayatta First and only time trying a water bong, driving the boyfriend and his friend back to his house. Middle of no where 1½ lane country roads and no street lamps. I hullicinated this huge grey wolf and I could see his eyes reflected in my headlights. I knew it was the pot but its still the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

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