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What's the "best" android tablet PC or should I wait till 2011?

Asked by linuxgnuru (207points) November 25th, 2010

After two days of research I still can’t make up my mind; I want a touch-screen (not resistive; must be capacitive) and not an iPad which basically means it has to be Android. I’d like to have the Android store though. I’ve looked at the Archos 101 but I still have my doubts. Should I just get what’s out there now or should I wait until next year like April or May when more come out?

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I didn’t even know there were Android tablets

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Well, there’s Wetab, which has just been or is close to release in Germany and Europe. It runs a custom Linux, and includes repositories for downloading apps and is compatible with Android Market. I’m waiting for its general release so I can get my hands on one before I buy it.

Work is underway to port Ubuntu to it, which would hopefully mean that other distros will follow.

There’s also the Samsung Galaxy Tab, running Android 2. I think it’s a pretty sexy device, but am waiting to try it out.

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Most of the non-iPad tablets I’ve seen that actually are cool are slated for release closer to Christmas or more often Q1 of 2011 so I would hold off a little bit. I believe that the WeTab (formerly known as WePad before somebody got pissy about trademarks) falls into that “early 2011” crowd. I would say hold off.

@the100thmonkey I played on one for a few minutes and, aside from screen size (7” 1024×600), I didn’t notice any real difference between it and my Droid X (4.3”, 854×480). And I think is safe to say that both will get the new version of Android when it comes out soon. Now, if I didn’t already have a Droid X then I would be all over the Galaxy Tab, but…

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The Notion Ink Adam looks promising.

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@jerv Was it Jobs that got pissy about trademark? Either way, I think WeTab is much better, WePad sounds like we’re sharing a diaper.

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@papayalily Hard to say. It’s possible that Apple’s legal department got pissy before Saint Jobs of Cupertino knew of it. But I agree, especially in light of all the puns surrounding the iPad’s name.

@ratboy Nice! I want one!

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Actually the Flying Touch III: Tablet PC

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