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Nexus 7 Infinite loop?

Asked by FUTlegend (5points) August 11th, 2013

I just bought new Nexus 7 (2013). After input all the information (g-mail account info, and wireless connection), I was browsing through pre-installed apps. While I was checking camera quality, screen froze for brief second and the device turn itself off all the sudden. Since then it stuck at X-logo and I don’t know what to do. Tried “Restart boot-loader” process but it doesn’t work.
Anyone know what to do?

by the way, I have all the original items (wall adapter, cable, manual and device) but binned all small paper casing inside the box. Do you think I can still return it @ bestbuy?

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Probably. Most places are fairly liberal with the packaging as long as you have the box and the hardware.

Another thing with the new Nexus 7 is that the GPS may only work for 2 to 10 minutes and will require a hard boot to get it back to working, if you do exchange it. Last I heard nobody was sure if it was a software or a hardware issue.

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You didn’t mention how long it has been since you bought it, but if it is within the 30 day window, you should be able to return it.
The Nexus 7? Is it less batty than the Nexus 6?

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Sounds like you just got a defective one. I just bought mine from Best Buy and have had no problems with it. I buy all my stuff from Best Buy because they usually have the toy I’m looking for, but even more because of their no-questions asked return policy. If you’re a Silver member, as I am, you have 60 days to return most items. Forget trying to fix your Nexus 7. Take it bac tomorrow, tell them it’s defective and either get a brand new Nexus or your money back, whichever you want.

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Since you haven’t rooted the phone or installed anything needing elevated privilege (as far as I know) there probably isn’t any easy fix for this boot loop even if you had Mad Skillz.

BUT, if you want to try anyway:

First, try to get into recovery mode – that link tells you how. The phone needs to be plugged into a computer.

If you have the Android SDK installed to your computer, you could try rebooting and diagnosis that way. Plug the phone in to the computer and type “adb devices” at a command prompt. It should return some information about the phone. If not, then ADB can’t “see” the phone and you won’t be able to use this method.
If it does, then you can type “adb reboot” for a regular reboot, or “adb reboot recovery” to reach recovery mode. You can also type “adb shell” and then “dmesg” to watch the messages emitted by the OS kernel during startup. This information may or may not be useful to you- it helps if you have some knowledge of Linux, but sometimes obvious errors are… obvious.

I think most likely you just got a defective device. I’d just try to return it if I were you.

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