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Can someone please translate this for me if you speak Russian?

Asked by juicyfruit (23points) November 25th, 2010

Okay so is have this friend who knows that these two boys are talking about her. I think some of the stuff that they’re saying is a bit dirty and apparently they’re negative comments towards my friend.

I think the language is Russian and maybe Slovakian. I think they’re trying to speak in code so it isn’t “proper.”

Anyways here you go

—-> “ya etu suku , snale smeavo friends liste pastamoushta ana agromnaya kusok gavna katrori nekto ne lubit , ya hachu shotbi ana paveselas :)”

<—- “ana shto tebe perestalo pokazivate ele sho sluchilace sho ti takoe zloe?”

—-> “ana prosta ne pravduu gavarit fzigda.”

If anyone could translate this I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

Oh! and also google translate doesn’t work and this is a wall-to-wall conversaion on facebook (they’re talking in this/these language(s) so she can’t understand it)

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I am working on it, but it would really help to know the actual language involved. Thus far, Czech seems to be closest.

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@jerv Thank you for your help. It’s still unclear to me which language they’re speaking but I’m pretty sure it’s a mixture of two languages with mostly Russian since they both speak Russian fluently. Also they’re trying to speak “in secret” so the language isn’t spoken properly. Sorry but I don’t know which language(s) it is for sure :(

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ya etu knot, and took the letter to friends smeavo pastamoushta Ana agromnaya gavna katrori cer piece of art “not ya hachi shotbi paveselas ana:) ’
<-” Ana shto you perestalo pokazivate ELE sho sho sluchilace such zloe you? ”
->” Ana free from pravduu gavarit fzigda not.

ya etu suku, resourceful smeavo friends list pastamoushta ana agromnaya kusok gavna Katri nekto not lubit, ya hachi shotbi paveselas ana:) ”
<-” ana shto perestalo indicator you want to sho sho sluchilace zloe you so? ”
->” ana simple not pravduu gavarit fzigda. ”

ya etu bitch, took friends smeavo letter pastamoushta ana agromnaya piece gavna katrori nekto not, loves ya hachi shotbi paveselas ana:) ’
<- “ana shto you perestalo pokazivate ele sluchilace sho sho you such zloe?”
-> “ana free from not pravduu Gavar fzigda. ”

And the Hungarian word for “hooker”...

The real catch here is that if any of it was originally written in Cyrillic characters that do not display the same on most US/UK browsers then it’s kind of hard since I am not getting the actual messages, and translating an inaccurate transliteration is practically wild-assed guessing.

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@jerv Thanks for your effort I appreciate it. I think it’s Slovakian because that part about “bitch, took friends” is pretty accurate.

If you don’t mind and I would reallyyy appreciate if you could help me translate this last message which actually has my friend’s name in it (Maya). They have been spreading hurtful lies about her and is making her very depressed and I really need to know what they’re talking about. Here it is

TI KUSHAL MAYA SZHOPU YAZIKOM I ABLEZIVAL NOGE SO STFU” the ”SO STFU” part is online slang for shut up.

Here’s another that I’ve just discovered
“ahahaha ti moshit bit hoches shtobe ves mre snal pra tavye plani with maya….”

And that’s all of them. Thank you I really didn’t think id even get a reply!

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@jerv And if you can’t it’s okay

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@juicyfruit Can you try changing your facebook options to display the page in Cryllic characters and then paste the messages here? If they show up that way, that is.

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@juicyfruit Unfortunately that’s exactly how they were typed. They have regular english qwerty keyboards so thats how they speak it over the internet.

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Hm. It’s like a secret language. Apparently they know what they say to each other?

I’ll ask a friend If @jerv doesn’t come up with something first.

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It’s Russian, but with many typos and grammatical errors. Disclaimer, this person is very hurtful. Read at your own risk. The dialogue is as follows:

“I took this bitch off my Friends List because she’s a huge piece of shit that no one likes, I want her to hang herself :)”

“What, did she stop showing up or what, why are you so angry?” (I don’t know what the hell is going on with this one, too many mistakes, that’s my best guess.)

“She just always keeps telling lies.”

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@gggritso Given that it’s Facebook, I should have figured that they couldn’t spell worth shit :P

@everyone_else Lets give @gggritso some lurve and a round of applause! :)

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@gggritso has it right about your original statements.
The statements you mention later are translated as follows:
‘You ate Maya’s ass with your tongue and licked her feet, so shut the fuck up’
‘Haha, maybe you want the whole world to know about your plans with Maya’

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@gggritso and @Simone_De_Beauvoir Thank you both soo soo sooo much! I really appreciate it.

Yes these boys have been telling their friends “what they did” to my friend even though it’s not true. Yes it is very hurtful but they’re in high school so what do you expect. I’ll give them a nice talk on monday..

Lurve for the both of you!

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Is it still actual?

- I have deleted that bitch from my friend-list because she’s a big peace of shit, that doesn’t love anybody (var. who is not loved by anybody) I want her to hang herself

- does she stop to show you or why are you so angry?

- she just lying to me, cunt

Sorry for my EnGrish

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