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What temperature change is more satisfying?

Asked by Only138 (4638points) November 25th, 2010

What feels better? Is it to be out in the freezing cold, and come in to a toasty warm home, or is it to be out in the sweltering heat on a hot summer’s day and come in to a crisp air conditioned room?

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I’d have to say from cold to warm feels better, cuz sometimes I get all nauseous from extreme heat to AC. Plus it’s more traditional if you live in Canada lmao.

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@Symbeline I think both feel pretty amazing…its just really hard to pick one for me. Thx for the answer. :)

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@Only138 It may all revolve around where you live and how long you have to put up with the uncomfortable temperature before getting some relief. In Baghdad were it reaches 130 degrees F during the summer, I imagine after any time spent doing physical labor in the hot sun, air conditioning would feel mighty good. Here in Boston when it’s sub-zero and the wind is whipping off the ocean at 45 MPH a day out in the cold will make you yearn to get back inside and warm your hands, feet and the tip of your nose.

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@ETpro I would say that you are correct. Here in Michigan, we are surrounded by the Great Lakes…and always get the lake-effect weather. It gets cold! (not as cold as Boston though). And in the summer we see temps in the mid 90’s. So, we get the best of both seasons. Thx for the answer.

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As long as I can jump in the jacuzzi…it can be any temp outside or in!! ;)

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@Cruiser Good point! LOL thx.

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@Only138 Yeah lol, it all depends on the season you’re in, really. XD

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Technically speaking, cold-to-warm should feel more significant, since hot-to-cold is usually, at max, ~105 to ~72 Fahrenheit, while cold-to-hot can be below-freezing up to room temperature.

In actuality, I like hot-to-cold over cold-to-hot, because whenever I come into a room-temp house with a load of thermal layers on, I have to patiently throw it all off in a hurry to be comfortable, while if I come in to a chilly room with a shorts and a tee, I can just grab a blanket.

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@Symbeline Yepper. In the middle of summer, I always am thinking that I can’t wait for winter..and now that its gettin’ friggin’ cold again, My mind has changed. I think I’m partial to Fall weather. LOL

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OK, I have no freaking idea why I wrote all that. 0.o

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Wow. Good question ;) I was going to immediately say hot to AC is the best because I hate being overheated more than anything… but then…. I stepped outside and it’s something like minus 18 here and it sure was sweet to get back to the warmth of the furnace and the blanket and the portable space heater aka small dog

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Hot to a cool house could be detrimental to your sinuses. a hot, sweaty body and a cool house could reak havoc with your health.

Cold to a warm house is much more acceptable to the human body.

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I live in Canada or should I just say I live in cold 8 months of the year so into warm is my pick. Where I live it’s only really hot a few days of the summer. It almost always cools off to light covering for your shoulders in late evening.

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Generally I want to be warm all of the time. If I have to choose my favorite temp change, I guess it is cold outside to warm inside, but I am much happier In a warm climate outside with the air conditioner on inside, if that makes sense. I hate being uncomfortable in my house, it pisses me off! Outside I can deal. I know my answer sounds like a bunch of contradictions, but it makes perfect sense in my mind.

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I love coming in from the freezing outdoors with cheeks and nose all rosy red and planting a cold kiss on someone’s warm cheek. Shedding layers of refrigerated clothing and settling down near a heat source to defrost.

Can’t really do that so well here in California, but it’s one of the great pleasures I remember from growing up in the Northeast.

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I would always opt for a lovely hot summer day. I can always cool down by going inside or taking a cool shower. I don’t like the cold weather at all!

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I much prefer going from hot weather into an air-conditioned interior. I hate being too hot, and despite what some say about Canada, it does get hot in the summer! When it’s nearing 100F (thank you, online conversion!) and super humid, I feel sapped of all my energy. I’d much rather be too cold than too hot; you can always add more layers, but you can’t take off your skin!

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@Seelix You must be in Ontario!

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@faye – Yup, I’m in Toronto right now, and my hometown is just a few hours north. Okay, so I can’t speak for the rest of the country, but central/southern Ontario is dang hot in the summer!

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Alberta doesn’t usually stay hot long enough to bother many so I’m still doing cold to warm but I do agree that heat sucks the life out of me.

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