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Where else should I look for this cookbook?

Asked by Trillian (21106points) November 26th, 2010

I had a great recipe book. I think it was called the Great American Cookie. Had it for several years and it had the best cookie recipes, hands down. I lost it in a move. I tried to get another copy at Walden Books. They looked it up and couldn’t find it. I googled it, found a used copy and bought it online from ebay. It came and is not the book. I’ve looked and googled some more. I found some but the ones I’ve been able to look inside of show that they are not the right ones, and there are others that I cannot get inside information on.
The style was conversational during and between the recipes. I really want to have another copy of this book. I would appreciate any advice about where else to look.

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@Trillian Could you possibly be looking for the All-American Cookie Book instead? If the Great American Cookie isn’t the right one you may just be misremembering the title.

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Great American Cookie Cookbook Amazon is our friend.

Judging from the photo of the table of contents, this does appear to be written in a conversational style.

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Thanks, both of you. I guess I should have made clear where my google search took me. was in Neither of those are the right book. I specifically saw the TOC for both of those. Dangit.
I remember one chapter in particular called “When only chocolate will do”. After my Q last night, I went and registered on a book swap site.

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Try the website for Moe’s. It’s a secondhand bookstore, I believe in Portland or Seattle with an amazing inventory. They will search for OP books for you.

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I searched google books with the chapter title and came up with 1985 Lorraine Bodger Great American Cookies. The publisher is Arco

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If @BarnacleBill has found the right book, you might be able to check with some of the folks at these sites to help you track one down.

Here or This

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Awesome, thank all of you!

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Our second favorite friend, eBay, has this.

She also has books called “The Four-Sided Cookie” and A Year of Cookies

Lorriane Bodger

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@BarnacleBill Thats it! I logged on and bought a copy. Thank you.

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@Trillian Yeah for @BarnacleBill!!! He come’s through once again. I thought you’d have a hard time finding the book you wanted without the right title. But Bill got this one. Way to go my man.

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