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UTI with right side pain?

Asked by Aubs427 (421points) November 28th, 2010 from iPhone

Two days ago, I recently had the symptoms of a UTI (urgency to pee like I had a full bladder; no other symptoms), I went to the doctor the next day and he prescribed me antibiotics. Today, I began to feel a bit of sharp pain on my right side under my ribs and sometimes on my back on the right side but only when I moved a certain position. The side pain isn’t constantly there but it does appear when I stretch or move a certain way. How could the infection have spread that fast if I only started feeling symptoms a day ago?

Also; the doctor hadn’t given me a definite result of the pee test that day I went in and only gave me antibiotics based on the symptoms I told him.

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I’m hoping someone more qualified than myself comes along shortly, but it gets pretty slow here at night so wanted to jump in quickly.

Your appendix is in the lower right side of abdomen. Symptoms would be more severe than a UTI, but it’s always the first thing I think of when someone has pain on the right side. Maybe read up here and see if some of the indications fit. I mention it just because you should see someone immediately if it fits.

Early pregnancy can also cause an urge to pee and lower back pain, but abdominal pain would be less likely, is that a possibility?

Of course you know if the pain gets worse, you get a fever, you feel nauseous, or you feel something might be really wrong get in to see a doctor ASAP. Emergency rooms and some minor emergency clinics are open 24 hours and could tell you far more in the few hours it takes to be seen than we will be able to here.

Even if the pain goes away, definitely call your doctor on Monday to update them and hopefully get your results.

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I just had my period about a week ago; I don’t think it could be pregnancy. Thank you for your response!!

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I know it’s not the most pleasant topic, but are you having normal bowel movements? Was your last one recently? A UTI can dehydrate you and cause constipation which could easily cause cramps either from the backup or the dehydration. Antibiotics can upset your stomach as well so that’s another possibility that wouldn’t be serious and should pass with time.

Does it feel like a cramp in your side? Are you drinking enough water/gatorade?

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Yeah. I can describe it as a cramp, but the pain is very very brief and only really happens when I move a certain way. And I just started the medicine yesterday and have had the equivalent of a little more than a water bottle each time I took it.

And, bowel movements… Not since two days ago. I’m gassy. Maybe a little constipation.

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That sounds pretty normal for a UTI or the antibiotics, and since you’ve been to see the doctor and that’s the conclusion they came to as well, I’d just keep an eye on it and give them a call Monday.

If I were you, I’d drink lots of liquids, pee like a racehorse, and go see someone if it gets worse. Good luck with it.

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Alright. Thank you for your quick response!

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You might want to take a laxative, since you haven’t had bowel movement in 2 days.
The pain could also be in your kidney. As @funkdaddy says, keep an eye on the pain level. If it gets bad, go to the emergency room.

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I think constipation is the most likely culprit. It can even give you urgency to pee. Classic UTI symptom is as you empty your pladder you feel more pain in your urethra and bladder, but pain is not a symptom for everyone. UTI symptoms clear upvery fast typically when on thr correct antibtiotic, usually within 48 hours symptoms resolve, even though you need to take the antibiotics longer, and it is important to finish the prescriptions.

Classic appendix pain is lower right side. But, yours does not sound like appendix. A basic test for appendix is to push on the are of pain, and when you release the pain gets way worse.

Right side pain a little higher, but still below the breast can be gallbladder, but your symptoms do not sound like gallbladder either. Gallbladder is very very painful when accute. Most patients feel they have to go to the ER.

If I were you, I would take a mild laxative, eat some raisins or prunes, drink some water, don’t eat any raw veggies or nuts today, and see if you feel better after a bowel movement. If you never take laxatives, I would take less than recommended. If after the bowel movement you still have pain, maybe go back to the doctor. If it is a UTI that is not responding to the antibiotics it can lead to kidney infection, very dangerous, right now your urine cannot be cultured because you are on antibiotics.

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Might be a cyst. I had a UTI and two cysts at one point.

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Sounds a bit like a kidney stone to me.

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Yes. Get checked for stoned ASAP.

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