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What hard liquor goes with lemonade?

Asked by lrk (757points) November 29th, 2010

I’m bringing alcohol to a dinner event soon, where the mixer will be lemonade.

What alcohol should I bring?

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Vodka or rum.

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Advocaat (and bring a lime)

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@kenmc Well, why vodka, or why rum?

I’ve also heard whisky?

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@lrk Vodka because it won’t clash with the sour of the lemonade. Rum because it’s spices might be positive with the taste of the rum.

Gin would work, too.

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I enjoy Jack and lemonade quite a bit.
I could drink it all day. mmm.

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Bring all the above and make a Long Island Ice tea just don’t drink too many! Substitute the lemonade for the sour mix!

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Any alcohol that is clear in color will go with lemonade.

Never tried whiskey with lemonade, so i guess its up to the individual person and tastes.

Anyway, after a couple of drinks, who cares what you mix it with, right?

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I vote for vodka. Why? Vodka just seems to go well with citrus. Vodka and orange juice, all those premixed drinks you can get (Smirnoff Ice, Mike’s Hard Lemonade)... I wouldn’t think to mix anything else with lemonade, but the other suggestions here have me intrigued.

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I prefer vodka because I like how it blends in.

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Southern Comfort.

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Malibu – carribean rum… a double goes awesome with lemonade.
white bottle – here’s a link…

great website – i’m thirsty now :)

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Vodka all the way especially if ya pick up a fruity flavored vodka it would go pretty nicely with the lemonade.

@rangerr I think its best you stay away from the jack ;)

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I would try vodka it seems to go with everything except for peanut butter and a nice greasy, pork sandwhich served on a dirty ash tray.

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Just curious. Are old enough to be bringing liquor? Not being disrespectful. You just look young. :) Tequila or vodka for your lemonade.

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Long Island Ice Tea will hurt you.
Vodka. Goes good with GatorAid too.

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I have to agree with @Russell_D_SpacePoet. How old ARE you? And it’s odd that you’re going to a “dinner event” but the main focus is on the liquor. You be careful. Many people’s lives have been changed forever because of one drunken incident.

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@Russell_D_SpacePoet Hâ‚‚0! ...sorry couldnt resist….

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@uberbatman Now that would ruin some perfectly good liquor. Not that gatorade wouldn’t ruin it also.

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@uberbatman Once. I threw up ONCE.. and you just happened to see it. :l

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@rangerr Ohhh so you learned after that :P chug-a-lug

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@Russell_D_SpacePoet Ach! The gator aide/vodka about ruined my husband is what it did! I haven’t told you that story??

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@Dutchess_III Nope. Hadn’t heard this one.

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