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Are the laws being made today going too far?

Asked by anothermember (249points) November 29th, 2010

Or is it justified? More and more laws are being made to help prevent other laws being broken. Two examples in N.Z. are:
1.There is a new law to stop gangs wearing “patches” in central areas to stop gangs fighting and intimidating people.

2. There is another new law that makes driving down the same stretch ( Cruising ) of road illegal to try and stop boy racers.

To me these laws seem crazy, when does it stop, will there be another law soon that bans people from dressing themselves in case they decide to wear a patch?

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If you don’t like the laws that are being made, contact your lawmaker and complain. Did you know swearing in public is illegal? What about spitting on the sidewalk? The best way to get rid of laws you don’t like it to get involved.

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It seems like laws often have gone too far: like these, I don’t necessarily believe all of these, but surely most were laws at sometime.

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Did you say “Cruisin”?? A law against that IS just going too far! Shame on them!!

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In a town in Kentucky, there is a law forbidding the carrying of a popsicle or ice cream in your rear pocket at churchtime. don’t ask me, i just posted it.

I assume you are in New Zealand for the N.Z. there supposedly is a good reason for each new law enacted. only the local or state representatives know the answer to your question.

I will agree with the colors or patches not being displayed, in order to keep down violence. i assume that patches also means the wearing of head bandanas.

My state legislators just passed a law that allows a person with a gun permit, to carry their weapon concealed into bars. what were they thinking? guns and alcohol do not mix. this is Tennessee, not one of the old western movie states.

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Laws are often reactive to public or popular pressure. The laws you mentioned seem to be just that type.

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Yes I do agree that they are going way too far.

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@Cruiser Crusing is illegal on the Sunset Strip. But traffic’s so bad there people tend to accept it as a functional law. Though I don’t know that it is actually enforced. I suppose it’s really more of a reminder to drivers to just get where they’re going and not slow things down anymore than they already are.

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@fundevogel Yeah I hear you there. Things are not the same as they were when we would go “cruisin”! Somehow being stuck bumper to bumper traffic would not have the same thrill! The last real good Cruising I ever did was in the 1980’s in LaJolla CA and saw some real nice rides out there.

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