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Mac Users/Movie Makers: Advice on filming roleplays?

Asked by jlelandg (3536points) November 29th, 2010

I am an ESL teacher in China and must give my students a roleplay test this week. My school is slow about support (but supportive), I would like to bypass asking them for help and using my Macbook to record their performances (8×5 min 2 man plays).
I have over 150 GB free in my mac book and also have other small hard drives for storage if this is a problem. Do I have enough room to pull it off? AND are there any other foreseeable issues?

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I just recorded a 1 minute video with Photo Booth & the total file size is 2.1MB. Which means a 5 minute video will be 10.5MB. And having 8 of these videos would be roughly 84MB. You are completely fine with hard drive space.

Possible issues -

Do a sound & video check first. Make sure the students can be seen & heard clearly in a sample video.
Check to make sure the screensaver doesn’t kick in while recording. Wont be a big problem, but is a minor headache to deal with.

Have fun!

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