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Do you know about any cool horror oriented websites?

Asked by Berserker (33548points) November 30th, 2010

Stuff like forums, blogs, news updates for movies or events, stuff like that. I’ve got a few, but always looking for more. Share?
Keep in mind I mean that when I say horror, I mean mostly horror movies.

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@Michael_Huntington Hey he’s talking about Hatchet 2. This guy is to be praised. Thanks. :)

jonsblond's avatar I just discovered it this past Halloween

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Not sure if you know about Rue Morgue magazine, but they have a site too. A friend of mine writes for the magazine, so I feel obligated to pimp it.

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@Seelix Yeah I know about it, had I any writing skills I’d totally apply there. But thanks, it’s a great mag, and the more who know of it, the better. :)

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Anything that has these random words attached in any order…..Porn, Granny .com. Now that’s what I call truly horrific. On the web, no one can hear you scream! :¬(

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This is probably the best horror movie site:

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I second Rue Morgue. Theres also fangoria, but Rue Morgue has better wrting in my opinion.

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You can always take a look on or to check on some of the horror conventions coming around.

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Lost Zombies, I contribute under the username Jack Sawyer.

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^^ needs to contribute more…. he’s an excellent writer

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