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What were all the exciting things you did for your 18th birthday?

Asked by gememers (445points) December 1st, 2010

Did you buy porn? Pack of cigs? Did you do anything special?

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Moved into my own apartment with a girlfriend.

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I was in Basic Training at the time and we did a 20 mile march that day. Followed by an hour of PT.

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I can’t remember my 18th birthday. Not because it was that fun, but because it wasn’t that fun.

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I went to Disneyland. It was a nightmare because an acquaintance, who invited himself, decided to guilt trip everybody who attended, which led to the most awkward ride home ever at around two in the morning. When I tell the story, I refrain from even noting that he was there. It’s a more pleasant memory that way.

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I got a bicycle so that my parents wouldn’t have to drive me to my school- Mel Blanc elementary. ;-)

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My boyfriend of 6 months gave me a cute ring, my mom made dinner for us and then my bf and I went out for the night.

my bf broke up with me a week later :(

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Absolutely nothing. I was attending a small college, and the cafeteria had a list of every student birthday, so my name was announced along with the others born on that day, and I got to help serve the cake.

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I bought a lottery ticket and a Playgirl. Ha.

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Did you look inside the magazine before you bought it?

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Had a beer and a pizza, had an mdma, lots of laughs,drove to a nightclub danced a lot, got pulled over by cops whilst buzzing only to be sent on my way with their best wishes :)
Suffered terribly coming down for the next 2 days, great night though

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My birthday is in summer, so I was home from school. I don’t remember anything about it, but it was probably exactly like my 17th: cake and presents around the family dinnertable. I even had the same boyfriend both years.

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I got a tattoo and got trashed. I probably ate some cake, but I honestly don’t remember.

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I turned 18 in that small sliver of time between my state raising the drinking age to 21, and the neighboring Washington, DC doing the same when it became a federal law. Since I could not legally drink in Maryland, a friend took me to Georgetown in DC for the day and we shopped, drank, shopped, ate, shopped and drank some more. I was so disappointed when no one even carded me!

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I was in the Marines stationed at Camp Pendleton CA. All the guys in my platoon punched me (not too hard), then we went to the e-club for a beer or twenty.

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Now that you mention it, Auggie.. I did buy a pack of cigarettes. They didn’t card me, so I was upset and went to a different store and bought a second pack. Forgot about that.

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I would say that i had my first drink of alcohol on my 18th birthday, but that’s not true. my first drink was when i was 14. i am not bragging, but i was a drummer in a rock and roll band, at 14. i was always tall for my age back then and no one questioned me.

My best memory of my 18th birthday was a new set of Slingerland drums, given to me by my parents. that was a great set of drums. the color of chrome made them sparkle under the lights.

I was also “dumped” by my then girlfriend on my 18th. i survived.

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I am an American. I went to the closest “big city”, Ft Wayne Indiana with three friends. We saw the movie Spaceballs, and then went to the restaurant Red Lobster. Hey, I’m from the country, and it was actually pretty fun!

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Sat around. Had dinner with my ex of three years who had dumped me a month prior. She bought me a sweater, a book on writing, and a card that she didn’t write “love” in, which made me cry.

Oh wait, that was my 19th birthday… rewind…

On my 18th birthday, I went to a cabin with my mom, grandparents, girlfriend, best friend, and his girlfriend. Girlfriend painted a portrait of both of us and we filmed a serial killer movie for my best friend’s video class. Then we came home and I bought a Mosin Nagant.

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I doubt if I did much of anything. I was working on a farm, and all my family except my sister were living somewhere else for the summer, and I had maybe one friend (my kids are always teasing me about what a loser I was in high school), so I doubt if I did much of anything. Maybe I went out for ice cream. Maybe I read a book (we had no TV).

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I will probably do nothing on my 18th, and I will not even remember it.

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I was just about to go on a big overseas trip, so I wasn’t as excited about turning 18 as I might have been.

My family went to this fancy French restaurant, where I ordered the duck a l’orange and then remembered I dont like orange. Then I had two birthday cakes because I couldn’t decide which one I wanted :)

Then I went out with a couple of friends and everyone bought me drinks, and it was pretty fun.

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My best friend took me on what was most like a first date. He picked me up from my parents house, dressed head to toe in black leather and took me to the most expensive retaraunt in our city where we had beautiful tableside service of flaming lobster and all the goodies we wanted from the appetizer list. He also had made me a silver pendant/necklace which he gave me during dinner. It was an incredible experience.

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My 18th birthday was two months ago. I just spent the day with my mom. I was depressed and had to go eat at a restaurant with my mom and her dad. After that my mom took me to the zoo where I had a little laugh because I was doing perverted things with a Komodo dragon statue. I also bought a lottery ticket. My moms mother said she’d be upset if I won because she had been playing lotto for 20 years and never won, to her happiness, I lost. I hated most of my family that day. Oh, I heard my moms mother give us her daily thrill of murder. She gets off on that. :/ I heard about how some little girl was watching Barney and her step dad hit her hard in the head and killed her.

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