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Which makes more money? being a doctor or being a lawer?

Asked by loraina4lyf (52points) April 6th, 2008
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well it depends if you live in a rual area you won’t make much at ether but if you live near a Metropolotan area you would make more money as a docter unless your a lawer to celeberties

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depends what type of work they do. Probably a plastic surgeon or divorce lawyer in beverly hills are doing quite nicely either way.

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I think a laywermakes more.

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I think a lawyer’s income is not quite as fixed. If someone in a corporate law firm makes partner, the raise increase is ridiculous. But then again, both can start their own practices and who knows…

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Lawer beacause you can sue a docter

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It’s much better to be a doctor then a lawyer.

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both make good money depends where you live

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If all your interested in is making more money then you should consider something else. Although if your still set on one or the other, go for the lawyer because you can still change fields of interest as a lawyer.

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If you’re choosing which one to do based on money, you’re never going to be successful at either.

People who follow their passions do their jobs well, and doing a job well is what gets you paid the big bucks. People who choose their jobs based on projected incomes tend to be miserable, because they can’t make the money they thought they’d make because they don’t have the passion for the job.

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