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Wii question Moving Mario Kart license to new console?

Asked by Blueroses (18234points) December 3rd, 2010

My Wii has been in death throes for a while but I’ve been in denial. Now I’m getting constant “disk cannot be read” error but ejecting and reinserting disk will work for a short time. I took advantage of a holiday sale and bought a new console tonight so my question is:
How can I move my license in Mario Kart over to the new console so I don’t have to start all over?
I can still run the old console for short periods and I have a memory card.
Sorry if this is a silly question but I’ve been used to just playing without worrying about anything.

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I think it’s possible to go through the settings menu of a Wii and find and relocate (for simplicity, just use a SD card if this is correct) savegame data. I’ll go see if there’s anything like this on the console since I have one…

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Cool. Thanks @Fred931
So I’ll have to do that on the (mostly dead unit)?

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@Blueroses Yes, and thank you for reminding me to go do what I promised I would do. xD

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Yes, it is possible.

1. Go to the Wii Menu (we’re starting at the old console)
2. Go to Data Management
3. Go to Save Data
4. Go to Wii
5. Scroll through the menu and select the game (the Mario watchamicallit).
6. Select Move or Copy

It should move it into the SD card. I didn’t bother putting one in and copying a file to continue the instructions since the rest should be very straightforward.

Squeee, I helped someone with a problem! On Fluther!

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Thank you bunches @Fred931
If it works out, I’ll make multiple accounts to give you more lurve! ;-)

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@Blueroses No! Naughty! xD

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@Fred931 Right. I didn’t say that out loud. Multiples are banhammered to Lollholla. It’s our secret.

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