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Does anyone know what came of this recent youtube classic from the subways of NYC?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2716points) December 5th, 2010

…because I want to find this woman and marry her (lol).

And in all seriousness, I truly want to know what came of this legally, and/or if there is a story that ensued from then on…


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Here’s a story on what happened. The guy did get arrested and had a history of being a sexual offender and is apparently going to be deported to Mexico. Good riddance.

And good for here. There’s something about that kind of thing happening in a subway that just makes it worse. You’re kind of jammed in there when it’s crowded and you’re holding on to something to keep from falling down and sometimes it’s impossible to keep from falling into someone. I was in a crowded subway in New York and some guy grabbed my ass and kind of fondled it. It was creepy. I didn’t yell at him but I told him quietly but quite firmly to “get your fucking hand off my ass.”

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I love this and thank you @lillycoyote for the link. I just used it in another question
but I gave you credit!

More women need to get out of the victim mode and realize what they can do and are capable of!

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