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How often do you go to the washroom?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3158points) December 5th, 2010

Okay, so I’ve asked this question many times before.. or so I’ve tried.. here is my last attempt.

WARNING Do not read if you’re not interested in speaking openly about bodily functions.

I’m somewhat paranoid that I do not expose all of my waste.. or enough of it. For years now, I realize that I am pretty much constantly thinking about if I eat enough fiber, and I become extremely grumpy when I become constipated. Is this strange? Is it alright that I am always aware of this?

Sometimes I even go to the toilet 3 times a day! Am I eating too much fiber?! Is this a good or bad thing?

How will I know I’m getting enough of the waste out of my system? Am I having enough bowel movements? What kind of foods do you eat? and how many times do you go? Do you go to the toilet at the same time everyday?

Comments appreciated! I’m curious about other people’s umm… schedule for bowel movements… Some people are not very open about this topic, and I’d like to ask some jellies and get a larger amount of perspectives onto this.

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I go as often as dictated…sometimes thats 2–3 times a day, sometimes that’s once every 3.

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Whoops.. I didn’t mean “expose”, more so… “dispose”....

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I poo at least once for every meal I eat. I pee about a thousand times a day…

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I usually have 2 (sometimes 3) dynamic downloads each morning before I go jogging (average 8 miles). I eat an average of 5 servings of fruit and vegetables and 3 servings of whole grains per day. As to urinating, I pee about every hour on the hour during the day and get up every 2 hours at night (my prostrate is OK).

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You need to address your digestive functions with your doctor. He/she will be much more aware of the condition of your health than we are. With a complete medical history, along with a thorough examination a professional diagnosis will determine your personal schedule.

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Maybe this will help you: causes of frequent bowl movements.
I really don’t think you have anything to worry about, but you could always speak to your doctor.

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Well I don’t think the numerical amount of poops-per-day is necessary for tally-marking, but I believe it was Leonardo da Vinci that said, “Go to the bathroom frequently.” I wouldn’t worry as much about this as you seem to be doing, if it’s coming out in a timely fashion and doesn’t hurt, and doesn’t look really weird, you’re ok.

Drink plenty of fluids.

Let your body do all the thinking and planning, did you know you have ”brain” in you stomach? It’s about the size of a cat brain (meow) and it takes care of business.

Another da Vinci quote, “Even the smallest feline is a masterpiece.”

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I don’t know that there’s any “right” number. Everyone is different. Some people go multiple times in a day, others go once every few days. Probably the latter isn’t as healthy, at least I’d think, but it’s not totally abnormal. Not only that, but I think the most natural course of things is to have a bowel movement after a meal; if you look at animals in nature, you will see that that is how it generally happens. To me, that’s efficiency and and a sign of healthiness. It’s a sign that the body is extracting what it needs efficiently.

As for my own personal experience, usually I go once in the morning, right around coffee time. Sometimes I’ll go more often than that in a day, but usually just the once.

Is there any reason you’re fixated and worried on not getting all the waste out? If you’re healthy and everything is working as it should, your digestive system should be working like a machine. I learned in Anatomy that nothing ingested stays in the body longer than 72 hours, so as long as you’re healthy, I wouldn’t worry about it at all! Really the best thing you can do is eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water and your digestive system should be quite happy. :)

@everephebe – That was a great link, by the way! Thoroughly enjoyed it.

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@Xena, thanks! That was a Great answer! ;p

I’m worried about it because when I was younger (a child?.. perhaps around age 8), it seemed as if I was the only person unaware of my bowel movements, and I think I also didn’t go as often as I should have.

Then one day, my parents made us watch a documentary on bowel movements, and how when people don’t go daily, they could suffer colon issues.. etc. I then became some what paranoid. I knew I hadn’t had bowel movements enough, and couldn’t’ even remember when I went to the toilet.

After then, I made sure that I went every morning, at least once a day, I continued on with that schedule for years…

Later on, I then also realize that just going every morning doesn’t mean that I’m disposing of all the feces that I should be! I then became aware of this heavy feeling in my stomach… And that I was somewhat a gassy person! (gulp) that meant even though I had went daily, it still was not enough… I had to get rid of that ache-y feeling in my stomach, and my gassy-ness

So then for years after that, I would watch my fiber intake, and also my fruits and vegetables and make sure that I was eating decently. And that’s where I am now… Just constantly aware of my food intake, but still sometimes I have that ache-y feeling in my stomach, and I go to the toilet… but nothing comes out… Yes, I“m somewhat strange.. SHHH…

I’m just making sure I’m still not that little girl who was unaware… and by asking people about their bowel movement schedule, it helps ease my worries.

Thanks all for the contribution~!

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I’ve never been open about this kind of thing, but living in a house full of guys is starting to desensitize me. They talk about everything from their favorite sexual positions to their girlfriend’s orgasms to the size and frequency of their bowel movements.

So I will tell you that I drop a deuce probably on average once a day, sometimes less, rarely more. I’m known to have a high metabolism. I pretty much eat what I want but I stay skinny.

The only time I get worried is when I do get constipated sometimes (there was one time when I wanted to ask a question about it on this site but was too embarrassed to do so). I think it’s good that you did ask this question. :P

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It’s just a natural body function. As the wise tome says, Everyone Poops. I agree that it should remain polite to not discuss it constantly or in general company, but it shouldn’t be embarrassing. I admit I’m a bit uptight in this area and I’m a bit bathroom shy and I found the open and surprisingly intellectual discussion on Poop Report to be both liberating and interesting.

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I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Once a day sounds good actually. For myself, I usually go once every other day. If its been three days without a bowel movement, then I would say I am constipated. But, everyone is different. Although it is good to get rid of waste, it is one of those bodily functions that usually happens when its ready, so I wouldn’t force it. I usually will wait maybe 30 minutes or so after I feel the urge before I use the toilet; by this time I usually will definitely need to go and then when I’m on the toilet it usually takes less effort to go (although I still do find myself pushing most of the time). I enjoy having a much-needed bowel movement rather than just sitting on the toilet to try to get rid of something; but maybe that’s just me.

I also appreciate the openness of such forums like this. I would find it difficult to talk to someone in person about my toilet habits.

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