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What's the longest you've had to hold in your pee?

Asked by casheroo (18076points) March 13th, 2009

or poop?
Why did you have to hold it in? Did you end up peeing or pooping yourself?

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50 minutes on a puddle-jumper with no restroom. The longest 50 minutes of my life.

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One whole school day.

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Oh I hate to admit this one:
TMI ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!
After I gave birth, since I’d had an epidural, the nurse took out the foley. After an hour I felt like I’d blow UP. I called for the nurse and explained that I tried but could not “go”. She hooked up the foley again and I “went” 3 litters. This continued for the next day and a half…them taking it out and having to put it in again and my pee bag only holding 2 litters had to be drained into a pan each time.

I guess, after reading up on this, the urethra swells shut in 15% of all epidural patients..and I was one of them. UGH!

So, while my bladder has always been big and strong (usually I can hold it for 12 hours if necessary) in this instance of my life one hour seemed like eternity and was painful.

should i explain that it took 2 RN’s and a flashlight for them to re-insert the foley after the third time of them removing it? Or is that over the top? I begged for a doctor as this experience was WORSE than giving birth

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I held my pee for about 24 hours one time, when I went camping. Night was approaching and it was getting freezing, so I refused to go. It was unbearable for hours, but when I woke up the next day, it didn’t feel nearly as bad. I think my body recycled some of it so my bladder wouldn’t burst. Very bad idea to do something like that.

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Not very long. It tends to slip right through my fingers.

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@AstroChuck: That would have been funnier if the question didn’t have the word “in” in it.

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I can’t read. Or rather, I just see what I want to see.

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Patience! I’ll be out in just a few minutes!!!! Good Grief!

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When I went disc golfing. We drank a few beers there and once I got into the van to leave, I had to pee already. By the time I got back I had to piss so bad I could barely move. It hurt when I finally got to the bathroom and it left my bladder aching for days.

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I can usually hold it for several hours, at least 1–2h after I first feel the need to go. Recently I had a car accident, and I remember I needed to pee at least an hour before the accident. It took the police another hour to get there, and it was 4 more hours before we were towed home. I ended up peeing behind my smashed car, there was no way I could have held it for over 6 hours.

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From Ventura County to Dodger Stadium, and if you’ve ever traveled the 101 you know that is a while!

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I think the longest I ever held my bladder was about 4 hours. My partner and I were providing security for a supply mission from Masirah Island, Oman to Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan.

We were flying on a C-130 Hercules aircraft and the latrine is you urinating into a funnel, in plain view of everyone, which drains into a metal canister. Right behind me, the crew chief was looking out the windows for any potential ground threats and I just couldn’t get myself to urinate with him right there and I don’t know why it bothered me so much. As soon as the plane stopped at Bagram and the rear cargo door came down, I sprinted off the aircraft and watered down the taxiway for about 6 minutes.

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This was back before we were married. He was a semi driver & he was hauling sewer pipe up to Minneapolis to a new housing development going in. I went with him. He told me before we got out to the site that there was no place to go out there & that there’d be a lot of men there. I couldn’t just jump out of the truck & go. So when we stopped & fueled that last time he said ‘you’d better go’. At the time, I didn’t have to go. He said ‘go anyway’, LOL. But noooo, I didn’t.

Several hours later out at the development site, I was about to bust. We were out there for like 12 hours. By the time we got out of there & to a truck stop, I was in agony. I ran in (at that time, you had to go get a key) & the idiot clod behind the counter gave me the key to the MEN’S room! So back I go for the other key. I think I must have peed for 15 minutes! Never again! After that when I went with him on the truck & we’d stop, I made sure I squeezed out every drop I could.

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This story about having to pee apparently isn’t true, but is funny nonetheless.

I’ve never kept track of how long I’ve had to hold it, but I can remember some painful afternoons bouncing around in a pickup on forest service roads begging my dad to stop intentionally hitting all the potholes and to pull over so I could find a bush to go behind. He can be pretty sadistic at times, the ol’ fart.

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How about the chick who died, trying to win a Wii?

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@Sakata: But for reals, does you knows about her?

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@girlofscience Nope, sounds pretty dedicated though. I’d say that she needs better friends. SOMEONE should have said, “Hun, it’s JUST A Wii!!!”

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Oh how sad! Have people never heard of water intoxication? It can happen to infants and that’s how I learned about it. Poor lady.

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Read some articles here.

It was pretty sad. A radio show hosted a contest. Who can drink the most water without throwing up or peeing (or dying, apparently)? She came in second place. I’ve heard the recordings of her saying how she was so excited and ready to keep going as long as her bladder would let her.

Shortly after the recordings, she had to be taken to the hospital because she was extremely sick, and she died of water intoxication. Her family, her three children, all had to hear her trying to win the Wii for them before she died.

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10 hours or so. Bus ride from the center of Costa Rica to the coast. Got stuck in traffic. I had to do that multiple times actually. They don’t make pit stops either. And if you want to pop a squat you run the risk of getting bitten/stung by jungle creatures.
I always held it though!

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3 friggin days!!!
4 years ago I went to India and sadly not everyone in India has toilets, they have holes in the ground. And I was terryfied so I held everything in until I got over it!

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I’ve held it for 16 hours or possibly more. Sometimes, I have to pee, and then I forget. I mean, I have to be reminded of my bodily functions.

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I never hold it. I’ll piss out tne window on the freeway if I have to…turn on your wipers.:)

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What were you terrified of? Jumping Cooties? Cobras?

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A motorbike trip from my Lancashire to Wales!!! A LONG TIME!! For me anyway!
We had to pull over in the end before I peed myself!!

I don’t know how anyone can hold it for longer than a few hours!!! I get real stomach cramps and start to feel dehydrated and dizzy

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I was in the car with a sober friend and I tried to give him directions in a un familiar area. We made our way onto a split highway going directly into an army base. The military policeman smelled alcohol and asked us to pull over to be tested. The driver was sober but had a beer and was under 21. He was tested step by step and then we had to call our parents to pick us up after all the paper work was done I went to the urinal and released fluid for about 2 full minutes with a steady stream. I had beer bonged that night was playing drinking games all night. Me and my teamate both had a laugh in the bathroom after all the high stress fomalities with the military police. I held it for about 2 or so hours longer than I would have.

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One time, i had to go to the bathroom before bed. But i was 2 embarrased to go while my friend was there. In the morning i had to pee really bad. At about 11am, we went to the park and spent about 4 frikken hours there. i was practically holding myself. My BFF asked wat was rong and i told her i had 2 go 2 the bathroom. She told me we could stop somewhere, but i said i could wait. (really, i couldn’t) We went to see a movie at about 6pm and i ordered a large lemonade. It was a 4 hr movie and i had finished my drink 20 min. into the movie and did not want to miss any of the movie. So when we got out, the womens bathroom had a line longer than the consession stand. I said i would wait till i got home. We had a four hour ride back to my house and i was literally holding myself. When we got to my stop, my friend and i drove home and when we got there, i ran inside to find all of the bathrooms occupied with somebody showering. The water ru nning from the shower was torcher i tell u. At about 2 am, my 22 year old brother got out of the shower and he knew i had to go to the barthroom extremely bad,so he stayed in there till about 10 am the next day i ws literally bouncing of the walls. He fially came out and i peed

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A few times come to mind, but I would say the following:

Pee: Long car drive with a full bladder. Probably held it (barely) for about 3 hours when I was about 15. My dad was driving and he’s not the type of person to do rest stops, so I knew I had to hold it. I tried not to let on that I had to go, but I had a jacket over my lap and had my hand between my legs underneath. When we got to my cousins house, I made a mad dash for the bathroom, just in time, and peed like a race horse!

Poop: Held it about ½ day (maybe 5 or 6 hours) when out with friends on a long hike. Was so tempted to excuse myself and find a tree so many times, but held it (it was a firm poop, but it was pushing and it wasn’t easy to hold). When we got back to the parking lot, most of us took turns using the port-a-potty that was there. I waited until last (everyone else just had to pee) and I said I would be a few minutes. By the time I got my pants down my poop was already starting to come out a bit. It felt so good to hover and let it finally come out after holding it in for so long.

Having to hold it can be a pain. But whether its pee or poop, it always feels much better once you are able go.

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I joined the Army during Desert Storm. At the beginning of 2 months of preparation, we were told to train your bladder so that you will only piss three times a day. The water intake was to be normal for desert walking and fighting. I was brought up, when I was little, to pee every two hours. As my bladder got larger I could wait for 4 hours or more. Three times a day was a little too much for most of us. But a whole group of us began to try to hold. By the end of our 2 months some of us were holding for the 3 tmes a day: morning piss, early afternoon, and before bedtime—about 8 hours each time. I never told my parents that I never peed at school (middle school and high school) and held it for 9 hours between the morning piss and getting home. So I helped some of my army buddies to hold longer and longer. A bursting bladder was also a sexual thing since it gave us boners.

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8 and a half hours

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Believe it or not when I was younger I held it for 2 and a half days because I have paruresis it was the most painful thing I have ever felt, I only joined this blog to put this so I won’t respond :)

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5 hours it hurt

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For me it’s usually 3–4 hours bladder is small as heck. I don’t know how many times I’ve wet my self.

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The longest I remember having to hold my pee was about 6 hours on a road trip. It was not comfortable, that’s for sure.

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