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What's the best way to get the most out of your web search results?

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1428points) December 7th, 2010

as in keywords that open doors to ANY option containing EXACTLY what your input is…
search engines…
tips of any sort.

I use the stumbleupon toolbar… it’s very good… though random.
I’m looking for a way find EXACTLY what I’m looking for, without wasting time on so many other sites that pop up in the results (even though they may be incredibly intersting).
Example. I’ve been looking for this mp3 file for 4 years now: Bjork – Liquid Acid – A Tribute To Female Singers(Feat Moloko, Lamb, Bjork, Laika, Terra Nova)(Dj Live Mix).mp3
Whether to download or simply listen to online… FINALLY I managed to find the name here and the, but no actual playable file.
(It’s probably a bad example.. but that’s what I’m battling with as of now).

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Try to be as specific as possible? Use the + and – symbols to eliminate words you don’t want to come up.

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I took the search term you laid out and input it into Google and came up with a way to download it if you are a VIP member of nakaido.

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you can probably listen to the song on

Actually legally obtaining the song to put on a mp3player, idk. (I use itunes, but I’m assuming you couldn’t find it there)

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i google keywords, then follow up on anything even tangentially related that interests me, usually gathering more key words and a better knowledge of what I am looking for in the process, it may take a few rounds but I usually get what I want and learn more along the way.

If you are just looking for an mp3 file, join rapidshare.

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